Monday, April 18, 2011

Trusting In My Skills...D's a Biatch

First let me say  THANK YOU, to  everyone who sent love, hugs, prayers and  support. I don't think  we have  ever  had  a  worse 3  days. Except when J had large ketones  and was low.  So  yea, you get how bad it was. I love you all!!

DOC I  have  no words to express, my gratitude.

Crashing lows showing LOW double down, resulting  in  spiking up to  the top of  Dex's graph. We  don't see these, J  was  not a  happy camper.  He actually told me "Down and Up feels awful mommy".

It was erratic, I looked over and over for a pattern, but there was none. I had just basal  tested 2 days before, and things were GOOD. So, I trusted my inner Pancreas and didn't change a thing.

Instead I made Justice sit on the couch ALL DAY, and  just watched his bgs. I pulled back on bolus for breakfast and  he  spiked  to 190,  which we haven't see in a long time, and then it took 2 hours to get  him under 180. I knew that breakfast  wasn't  the culprit.

Then he ate lunch. I bolused as usual  but he decided to jump around while I was in the bathroom, and  hit 65. Still not bad.

Dinner  went  as  scheduled, and  was good! No lows!

I  basically wanted to give his body a day  to  "recuperate"  from whatever it was causing  this see saw.

It  worked!  It  wasn't a normal day for us, but it was  waaaaaaaaay  better!  Lowest was 59,  highest was 220.

I knew things were on  the mend.  I gave  him a  bedtime snack worried  since  we  have  had those 3am  lows  for 2 days. Sure enough he didn't need it. He hit 201. I corrected,  and he came  right down and stayed put.

I saw the  Dex graph  I was used  to seeing. I actually slept last night. He  slept.  I woke up menstrual, but smiling! When  he  feels good, I feel great.

I  learned from this nightmare that sometimes there really  isn't  a reason  or "thing" you  can change, to fix it. Sometimes D is just a biatch, who is  trying  to remind you shes  a bad  bitch (bad  means like "the shit". )

Well I trusted in my basals, my ICs, in all the work  I put into  them, and didn't  touch  a thing.

And it worked.

So while D is a bad bitch, I am still  the H.B.I.C in this house!!

(I would like to thank Mr. Strange again,  without Dex I fear these last 3  days could have ended badly. He's one of my D angels)

(*H.B.I.C: Head Bitch In Charge)


Penny said...

I am SO very happy that things are looking better Lex. You and J have been in my thoughts and prayers during this time. I am SO friggin far behind on my blog reading and posting and now all 3 kiddos are home for a whole week - it does not bode well for getting ahead. Glad things are better and you certainly are the HBIC my dear!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Ahh, look at that graph! Beautiful! Nice and stable! In the days ahead, I hope you see lots more graphs like that, after the roller coaster you've been on!

I truly believe in a mother's intuition. So glad you trusted yourself. It's good to be the HBIC! :)

Misty said...

SO glad that J's numbers are beginning to behave. Hoping that they will play nice for you for a while. said...

You go HBIC!! Sometimes you just have to take a down day to get back to normal. Here's to more lovely graphs!!

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

High 5 to great numbers!!!! I'm so glad you both were able to finally get a good night sleep.

Denise said... that!

Amy said...

I was just going to get on here and say ..... well ...... what Denise said! She stole my comment! Ah well, I will just have to send out a *fist bump* to the rockin'ess pancreas I know :)

Reyna said...

Wohooo you HBIC!!!! I am glad to hear things are improving and that you trusted your guy. Your pancreating skills are MAD girl...MAD!!!

Renata said...

Glad he is doing better. I hate the unexplained...I feel for both of you.

Lora said...

D angels rock... even "strange" ones. I'm just kidding... I couldn't resist. I am SO sure he's never heard that before :)

Scott Strange said...

Ok, little misss HBIC, first of all Mr Strange was my dad and B) people who call me mister are either trying to sell me something or goig to give me bad news.

Secondly, don't sell yourself so short. That dex is just a tool, an admittidly excellent one, but still just a tool.

Without the dex, I suspect you would have done an outstanding job, it might not have been quite as "easy" (very relative term there), but you would have done the best you could with that tools were at hand.

Just like you, and so many other caregivers, do...

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