Sunday, May 8, 2011

Admiring Our (Strange) Differences D Blog Week Post 1


I started this post last week, and since my modem has crashed. Please bare with me this week as I blog from my phone. (So I cant add my links to her blog. If anyone can help with that, I would appreciate it!).

Im excited to be part of Karen from Bitter Sweet's creative "baby"! D BLOG WEEK!

Todays topic: Admiring Differences.

For me this was a no brainer. Ever since I started my  blog almost a year ago, I have always been drawn to those written by adult Type 1s. Specifically those diagnosed as kids.

A glimpse into the future. Being able to see what mistakes I am perhaps making. What things I need to start doing or stop doing.  How I can make sure my son not only leads a healthy life physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

If theres one thing I can always count on from these amazing PWDs, its support, and genuine, sincere,  love. They  not only know what it was  like to "be" Justice, but care.

I can be a little OCD,  a little overbearing, and even a little obsessive. I know right!?  ;)

Well after a short yet sweet tweet conversation with one of my personal favorite D bloggers, good friend and PWD Scott, I realized I need to lighten the f--k up. No, not be careless with bgs, or management, but NOT place blame on myself. Not get  so caught up in that high from the stupid pasta, that I don't enjoy Justices smile, or laugh.

Scott was diagnosed at age 8 which is the same age Justice is now. His sense of humor, brutal honesty, and dashing good looks (hes a heart breaker ladies), reminds of of Justice.

I want Justice to see that Diabetes does not dictate you are or become. I needed to see that I am doing the very best I can. If I dont see that, and am constantly stressed Justice will pick up on it.

This  advice helped tremendously. I am still crazy mostly. Still aiming for the best numbers, and best control  for J, because well, I'm his mother, his pancreas, his protector,  I need to keep is  eyes, liver, kidneys, heart, and limbs safe.

But I am still mommy. I still need to be able to laugh, sing, dance, smile and enjoy all that comes  with every moment of having this amazing child in my life.

I cannot let D take that away.

So while I know what it is mother,and nurture a type 1, I do not know what  its like growing up as one.  I am grateful to have so many wonderful role models for not only Justice, but myself  to learn from.

To Scott and all the other PWD I thank you. For supporting us, uplifting us, and showing us how to smile and push through not just for our kids, but oursleves too.


Crystal said...

Dr. Strange is right on.
Parents need reminders that it's ok, you're human, do your thing but enjoy Living with your child!! Life is to be enjoyed despite our condition.

Love you Bunches, LF! You freakin' ROCK!

(Added your post to the link page)

George said...

Strange is awesome as are you because d-parents rock!

meanderings said...

Scott's right. It's important to enjoy your child's childhood along with caring for their diabetes. You're doing great!

Lora said...

YOU?? OCD?? NOOOOO!!!! lol

I kid, I kid :}

with all the "brain drain", it is sometimes easy to miss out on the good stuff. But it is also the most inportant to remember. I am glad you had such a great friend to remind you to lighten the F up.

Thanks for reminding me :)

Michelle said...

Awesome Alexis! I completely agree with you, those adult PWD's inspire me because someday Sarah will be one and I want to learn everything about how they felt growing up so I can make life better/easier on her. Great post!

Amy said...

PWD advice id da'bomb diggity. fo'sure! Love it ;)

Kimberly said...

It's a hard balance Lexi but you rock babe!!!

Reyna said...

Me blogs of PWDs and you are a passionate Mama Pancreas...I admire that about you.

Amy said...

You (and other mommy bloggers) have renewed my hatred of diabetes and given me the kick the butt to use my many years of diabetes to make a difference. For a long time, diabetes was just this annoyance but to an extent it wasn't a big deal because I was surviving just fine. Well, now it's a big deal. It's a big deal that the disease that slithered into my life when I was 8 years old is still slithering into others lives. Thank you for taking the time to share your story, even when it hurts. ~Amy~

Scott Strange said...

Thanks, Lexi!

I'm appreciative of you and the other parents that I've met in the past couple of years.

You've helped remind me what's important; making life better for all of us, diabetic or not.

Hopefully, we'll run into each other in real life some day!

You guys take care and just keep doing what you're doing, because you're rockin' it!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

That's just it -- all these wonderful PWDs who share their life's stories in the DOC are not just role models for our kids, but sources of support, knowledge and inspiration for us too!

Meri said...

Sometimes we do need to lighten the f up! Great post, and great guy!

Michael Hoskins said...

Often, I get that same sense from those out in the DOC - to just lighten the Eff up! One of the most beneficial things I've gotten from this community in the past few years has been the development/evolution of humor as a coping skill. My view and perspective has changed, for the better. To quote our wonderful K2: "Laughter is the key." So often, that's the case. Thank you for offering your honesty and great perspective, and just for being awesome! Justice is lucky to have you, as we all are for sharing this adventure of a ride!

Vivian said...

Love the post, so related to it. You are doing an amazing job.

Hallie said...

Scott rocks!! Enuf said!

And we ALL need to lighten the f**k up from time to time!!

Martin Wood said...

I love reading your perspective. I imagine what it must have been like for my own mom with me growing up with D. Thanks for sharing so candidly, and helping me appreciate her more and more.

Laura @ Houston We Have A Problem! said...

OCD = Obviously Cute Dame?
Ok - I couldn't come up with a good D word. Oh hell - Diabetes!


I love you and your OCD self! Seriously - love me some sexy Lexi!

Let me know if you need help with linky love. I'll log in and hook you up. Wish you could come over and borrow my computer. We could eat CHOCOLATE and CRACKERS!!!!!!

Jen said...

Great post Alexis. You seem to have found a good balance between D care for Justice while still taking the time to live your life. Looking forward to reading more this week.

Misty said...

Great reminder! I'm so grateful for the PWDs and their insight.

Sara said...

You know what I love about "our" group? We've got people representing ALL stages of the diabetes life. You need inspiration for where ever you are? I bet you can find it!
I was never a child with T1, but now I'm an adult with T1. I've only been doing this for 8 years, and I am so inspired by the people who have been doing it for so much longer.

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