Sunday, May 15, 2011

#Dblog week Post 7--Ive learned SO MUCH.

What weve learned - Sunday 5/15:Last year, Wendy of
Candy Hearts made a suggestion for this year. She
commented I think Day 7 should be a post about stuff
we've learned from other blogs or the experience of coming together, lets do just that!! What have you learned from other blogs - either this week or since findingthe D-OC? What has your experience of blogging the DBlog Week topics with other participants been like? What has finding the D-OC done for you? If you'd like, you can even look ahead and tell us what you think the future holds!


I wish I had my computer, cause this post would be longer, have links to some of the amazing posts I have read this week, the amazing people who have come into my life because of D, and so much more.

But Im limited to my cell and this week killed my fingers!
So I will do my best with what I got.

Heres what I have learned from the DOC this week and just in general from your awesomeness.











Differences in D management.

Differences in insulin pumps, sites, cgms.

D Prom dresses.

Bears with candy on their asses.

Diabetic Rhinos dont need insulin.

Bacon is always good.

Its not just Js fingers who are blistered.

D camp is amazing.

Pudding at night is a no no.

"You can fix it and try again".

Piggy banks can be used for strips.

One Touch read upside down can cause a heart attack.

Pods are cuter on baby tushis.

and Its ok to be ME.

See? The DOC is a melting pot of all the above and more!

The greatest message is...We are all in this together.

I love you all.

Thank you Karen for this amazing week..

Thank you DOC for being our ''so much more than silver lining''.

Thank you all for sharing your stories.

For listening to ours.

And for truly getting it.

In the words of my amazing son "Lets play the game".


Penny said...

YES! I love DBlog Week for this very reason - we all shine! So much out there for us and YOU and J are amazing! LOVED talking with you on the radio, that was fun! Great week! Great post Lex!

Lora said...

SAME! Love you girl :)

Reyna said...

Awww...DITTO! I have really enjoyed this week. I have learned so much and enjoyed my old friends and have made a couple of new friends along the way through "blog-hopping"...

You, my friend, are amazing...I still cannot believe you do it all from your phone. Lexi = DEDICATION. No one rivals you in that dept. girl.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

You managed to whip out a GREAT post (actually, a week of GREAT posts) on your phone!

I love the little snippets that you wove into this post. It's been an awesome week. :)

The DL said...

I'm impressed you did this from your phone :) And I couldn't agree more with it!!

Jess said...

i love you guys!

busymom said...

That was awesome! : ) ..And on your phone, no less!
I love the piggy banks, prom dresses, and pods on baby tushies. It IS hard to put into words all you've learned in a year, but Way To Go! : ) Holly

Nicole said...

now that is one great list!!

Becca said...

Well done!!

FatCatAnna \\^^// said...

Wow - you did an amazing job with posting via your cell girl!!! What you said - ditto - ditto - ditto - with stilleto heels on (sorry J - it's a girl thing).

Jane K said...

I'm impressed with your cell post too! Great to "meet" you out here!

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