Friday, May 27, 2011

Errors, CDC, Eagles, and Justice

I am blogging from my cell. I couldnt wait for a computer. This is TOO important.

Justice needed a book to do a school project. So in my haste I grabbed one that we were given I think at a Diabetes function. I believe it was ADA. Definitely not JDRF. (I double checked with em.)

Justice comes running into the living room "mom! IM SO MAD!! This book says if kids make changes they wont get Diabetes!

Say what?!

I read it.

No cant be right. I just worked out, theres sweat in my eyes. Let me read it again.

And this is what I see on page 22 of "Through The Eyes Of The Eagle" by Georgia Perez;

"I am sad because this makes people get sick. They are not as healthy as they can be." said the Eagle. "Many of your elders are sick now with a disease they call Diabetes.

And the young chiildren will get it too unless they make changes in their lives".

HOLY ____!

This book is distributed by the CDC in hopes of spreading "awareness" and preventing Diabetes.

Great. But where is the correct info? Where does it explain type 1 and type 2? And that type 1 CANNOT be prevented?

It doesnt.

So I called the CDC. Filed a complaint. And will be following up next week.

It is our job to advocate not just for our kids but all PWDs.

My SKINNY and ACTIVE father was just diagnosed with Type 2. His doctor is baffled.

My son's type 1 could not be prevented nor cured with diet and exercise.

What can be prevented is misinformation!

We found a couple more books in the house, I've attached images along with the book's title and page number. The books provide easy-to-understand information but are written specifically for the Native American population, in hopes of raising awareness of the Type 2 epidemic their culture is facing. The wording used is simple & can be confusing, hurtful & even dangerous. It perpetuates D myths.

Please help me get this book either corrected or taken off shelves!div>

"Eagle Books" Series


Tricky Treats by Georgia Perez page 20

page 11 of Knees LIfted High

Page 12 of Knees Lifted High

page 15 of Knees Lifted High by Georgia Perez

CALL 1800 CDC INFO (800 232 4636)



The DL said...

This is so upsetting. I will be calling and emailing.

George said...


I always tell people that losing weight and exercise helps lower your risk at getting type 2 but it doesn't guarantee it.

My uncle died of lung cancer but never smoked a day in his life. Same kind of thing.

And of course your can do nothing to avoid Type 1. Not even lower your chances. Nada. Zilch.

What an awful book but big ups to Justice for calling BS on this book!

Reyna said...

UGH. I am on it Lex. I will call. And...I realize the injustices done to type 2's. On the bus to Bridget's field trip yesterday, I was sitting next to a very skinny 40 year old who is "prediabetic". She runs, she eats healthfully and her fastings are not where they want them to be.

Rachael said...

WoW! NOT COOL! I will be calling! I get so sick of this crap. I am a T1 and. . . . ahem. . . a *little* chunky. I cannot tell you how many people think my T1D was brought on by eating too much. I usually set them straight in a hurry, but shouldn't have to!

I hate this new push to humiliate/embarrass people who have diseases. I especially hate the D injustices, but it has wandered it's way into the cancer world too!


Hang in there D Mama! You rock@

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

YUCK! How upsetting that the information given out to 'educate' just continues the misinformation!
Good for Justice for speaking up about it!

Trish said...

"Oh, so diabetes isn't a good thing? And we don't have to get it?"
Do you mind if I share this on FB?

Haley said...

Thats crazy!! could you imagine a mom reading these books to her kids as a bed time story?

Heidi / D-Tales said...

The CDC should have known better! JDRF or ADA, whichever is distributing the book, should have known better! Shame on them both!!!

Penny said...

Honest, the CDC? Good for you for calling and letting them know. I am thinking of all the people who have already read this information and believe it!

Jules said...

that is just awful :( argh. i hate hate hate when they say 'diabetes' and dont qualify the types. and worse, imply that type 1 is brought abt via lifestyle.

Wendy said...

ACK! This should NEVER, under ANY circumstance, be used as "teaching material" from a T1 standpoint. It shouldn't ever make it's way into the hands of a T1 family!


Alicia said...

Ugh. Not only is the information misleading, the tone in all the clips is pedantic and generally snotty. Massive fail.

Meri said...

Man! I'm speechless. Seriously. And you know I always have something to say. I'll find my words and do my part!

Bridget said...

Done and Done. Contacted them :). Ridiculous.

Heather said...

How very frustrating - saw your status update on FB and clicked over to read the full article. This type of generalization and misunderstanding frustrates me to no end. I had to remind one of my own son's aftercare teachers (who has some type 2 family members) that he shouldn't be pressured into "extra" playing to modify high numbers. He's a very active kid anyway, and can't be expected to "run all day" to maintain good numbers, and that he needs to have the freedom to just be a kid, period. None of this is his fault, and he can't do anything more than what we are doing to maintain his health.

I'm interested to see what happens with the CDC complaint, and I think I'll join you in making my voice heard!


Crystal said...

Whoa. Fail Whale.
Hey, Justice, don't be mad, YOU did a Great thing when you noticed it was wrong! Props, J, Big Props.

Everyday you gain more superpowers. :-) Never stop. xo

busymom said...

THIS is how people don't have a clue how tough diabetes is-and that we don't have a cure! They didn't eat too much sugar and not exercise enough. You did the right thing, and thanks for sharing!!!! : ) Holly

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Hi Lexi,
Have you heard of LADA? It stands for latent onset adult diabetes. It is type 1 that shows up later in life. In my opinion, I would push that your dad's endo. test his antibodies. That way you would know for sure which type it is, especially with Justice having type 1. The doctors seem to automatically diagnose type 2 if you get diabetes later in life.

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