Monday, May 30, 2011

If It's True, Its On a Tee...

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I did it. Thanks to my amazing and supportive friend Cherie (who I love) I got my website up and running.

Quick recap of the day first..Cherie picked us up to come hang in her pool..well the kids..we were sitting down swearing like sailors and laughing. Last year we tried to disconnect J for swimming. Remember that? He was on the Spirit so we had no other option (NOT waterproof). Well he hit 70, I carbed him up, and then 407 with small ketones. Worst day ever. Well you know..Next time we bolused the basal he would be missing and...yup the worst 44 Ive ever seen. He almost passed out. So summer is here. We are PInging now! (A year in July), and its waterproof. He bathes with it, runs in sprinklers so why not swim? Well he did! For about 30 min. He was 195 when he started. He hit 160 and I went for it. PUMP OFF. 2 hours later...swimming 106!! Haha! NO LOWS! I thought of Reyna alot. "For fucks sake", I cant imagine hockey! SHES MY HERO.

So its dinner time and hes 220, site lost all stickiness so I pulled it and a bleeder! Grr..activity does this to us alot.

Anyhoo all in all a great day! D DID NOT INTERFERE ONCE AND cherie always makes sure she has carbs hand, and carb counts available. Makes me happy!

OH! So the title....after the kids got outta the pool we went to the PC and got it set up....thats right!! "Blood NOT Glitter" shirts are available!!! And some really cute others I made.

There will be some artwork by Justice done as well but its a process scanning them in and editing them.

So keep an eye out for more designs soon!

Shirts are done through Cafe Press, so the commission I make goes all to JDRF!

Check em out, I hope you guys like em!!

and to donate directly to my team Justice's Pancreatic Avengers:


busymom said...

How cool! Did you make all those designs? I love the big Eat, Sleep, Bolus-those are awesome! : ) (oh, and the Crazy about Diabetes-it DOES make me crazy!!)

Wendy said...

Wow :) Coolio!

We need one that says something like...D Mama Bloggers Rock!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

I've been tossing around "D-mom totally rock the SWAG" feel free to use it, tweak it, toss it... ;)

Renata said...

Glad you were able to get it going. Good Luck.

Reyna said...

I am heading over there now... cannot wait to see them.

Reyna said...

OK, I just went over there!!! I love it. I am coming back later b/c I need to make up my mind. I am getting a coffee mug (of the glitter thing) AND...definitely a coupld of shirts. I love the hoodie and the fitted T's Lex...The designs are great and the colors!!!

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Very Cool!!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Awesome! I'm gonna get something, still trying to decide. Great Job!

Penny said...

Very wonderful! We need a DMama logo one, don't you think?

Misty said...

Awesome job Lexi!! Can't wait to order one!

Jules said...

aww congrats they are fabulous!!!
i did a post a while ago about t shirt slogans. my fave was 'sick of pricks', lol my new fave is the glitter one. i have to give you a plug on my blog, most of my readers are australians.

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