Saturday, May 21, 2011

No More Unwelcomed Guests!!!

This is our new unwelcomed house guest. It decided Justice needed something else to worry about. Heres the best description I could find.

"Pityriasis rosea is a common, self-limited rash that typically
occurs in healthy adolescents and young adults. The
appearance of the rash is striking and often causes concern
to the bearer and family, but it truly does resolve on its own.

Pityriasis Rosea Facts
The cause of pityriasis rosea is unknown. Studies looking for
a viral or bacterial origin are not conclusive to date. Although
its cause is unknown, the rash itself is associated with the
following characteristics:

Pityriasis Rosea Rash Appearance
Often the rash starts with a "herald patch" -- a single, 2- to 10-
cm round/oval lesion which can occur anywhere but often
shows up on the trunk. The herald patch often looks like
ringworm. Within a few days to several weeks, smaller
lesions appear mainly on the trunk but can spread to the
arms, legs, and face. On light skin, the lesions are salmon-
colored, and on dark skin they arehyperpigmented. These
eruptive lesions are typically oval and the long axis of the
oval is oriented along skin lines. A fine, tissue-like scale stays
attached to the border of the lesion. A typical eruption lasts
six to eight weeks, but it can persist for five months or more.
The lesions may be very itchy.

Atypical Pityriasis Rosea Rash Appearance
While the above description is typical, pityriasis rosea does
have several atypical forms. In younger children, pregnant
women, and people with dark skin the rash can be more
papular (bumpy). Vesicles and wheals can also occur in
infants. A number of oral lesions can occur during a breakout.
Also, at times the rash can occur on the whole body."

It started exactly like that. One spot. I was worried. Took a pic and sent it to Wendy (RN baby) who agreed I should have it checked out. So we went to Quick Care since its closer than our Pediatrician. Unsure they gave us an antifungal. "If it gets worse or goes away and then spreads go to your doctor".

It went away! And then the smaller ones popped out. All over his neck, chest, back, and lower region. PCP took us right away and gave us the above diagnosis.

Phew! Nothing dangerous, or contagious.

But they warned cold symptoms are common. In a type 1 that means...yup. Wonky bgs. Ive seen more 200s and 300s in the last week, than I have in the past 10 months!

Random. Different times. Different days. Its crazy. Thank god for Dex, I can see an up trend and raise basals. Thats not the hard part though.

This is: "Mom. I look gross. I am not wearing a bathing suit with these spots!!". Tears and more tears.

My heart is aching. He is constanty looking in the mirror worried over them, and theres no medicine to make them go away!

Has anyone dealt with this? He has enough on his plate with D, and these insane bgs, he does not need to worry about how he looks! But I understand. They do look pretty bad. Kids are cruel. Pool season is here and my baby is upset and feeling insecure.

Seriously. Enough with these unwelcomed guests!!


Joanne said...

Poor J! I hope they go away soon. How crappy, just one more thing for him (and you) to deal with. BOOOOOO unwelcome guests!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Yuck! Glad that it's nothing 'serious' but totally sucks that it's causing issues! :/

Wendy said...

I think I sent you that dx suggestion! I'm so sorry about another unwanted house guest :(

I wish I could send you an uplifting picture like you guys did for us with Dex...but we've never dealt with it before.

I'll pray it goes away STAT!

Reyna said...

Geez Lex that stinks. Give Justice a fist bump from Joe. That is tough to feel bad or embarassed about how you look...and yes, kids can be oh so cruel. xoxo

Penny said...

Oh poor guy! I was just thinking off the top of my head, what about those sun shirts that kids wear swimming, the short sleeved kind, or what about waterproof foundation that you could use over the ones that stick out from the shirt and the shorts, it might help cover them up. Just a thought, might help him deal better with it. I am so sorry hon, J or you doesn't need one more thing on your plates!

Jules said...

Oh frick that sucks. Poor guy. Hope he mends quickly.

Tracy (The Crazy Pancreas) said...

Poor thing! Sorry you guys have to deal with this. Hopefully it will go away soon!

We dealt with this a while back with The Princess (non-D). It didn't seem to last too long. Hopefully it won't for J too!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Oh, Lex, I'm sorry. Our kids deal with enough already. I really feel for Justice. I'm glad it's "nothing dangerous or contagious," but I sure wish it weren't affecting his BG, too. I'm crossing my fingers for you with the hope that this is something quick.

And tell Justice that rash or no rash, he'll be one the most handsome boys at the pool! With that smile of his, not to mention his fun personality, he'll make everyone forget about that rash!

(((HUGS))) to you and Justice!

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