Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wildcard-#Dblog week post 3. D boy.

D-Myths:Im not talking about D-Myths like people
with diabetes cant eat sugar or you get diabetes from being lazy we work to disprove those every day. Today lets PROVE some fun d-myths like #dprom (the prom for diabetics around the world), Sprinkles(the glittery unicorn of advocacy), or Blncet(the diabetic
heroes of rock)! Choose one of these d-myths. (or
create one yourself) and take it someplace creative! You
might write about the time Sprinkles visited you to spread
the advocacy love - hopefully he / she/ IT brought you a
cupcake too!! You could compose a new song for Blunt Lancets next album. Or you might give us every details of the night you went to #dprom. Write about any "myth" or story-line you can dream up! Let's bring those myths to life!

If you read my blog enough, or follow me on twitter, or we are friends on facebook, than you know who D boy is.

*To protect his privacy Ive been asked not to reveal his real name. So we shall call him Dboy, some of you may refer to him as J. If you indeed know his identity please dont reveal it!*.

I discovered D boys superpowers on 10.21.08 when he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

I always knew he was destined for greatness, just never imagined it would be in this capacity.

As D boy explains it; Diabetes is his arch nemesis.
There was an unknown conspirator who is the cause for his Beta cell destruction but he has not identified him as of yet.

When D boys sugar is too high, he doesnt have enough power (insulin). When sugar is low he has too much. His sidekicks Sonic (Animas Ping) and Shadow ( Dexcom) and his brother Ribbon assist him in kicking D's ass everyday!

D boys mission he explains it is to fight D, advocate, spread awareness, support his D friends and assist newly diagnosed kids in transitioning into this new D world.

Hes amazing isnt he?!

He is a JDRF Youth Ambassador, Diabetes Dude Ambassador, D rapper, has done a news spot and is working on some new and exciting projects!

So remember when you hear a lancing device clicking, popping of a test strip vial, beep beep of a Dexcom, or pfft pfft of a bolus, look around cause you may see D boy for yourself! Or one of the other D superheros out there! Theres millions ya know!? They just havent discovered their superheros just yet.

So the next time someone tells you D boy is a myth, you tell them no! He is real!

I know this because.....

Im D boys mommy.

I am a D mama.

Proof D boy exists!

"Im D boy here it goes. Ima Type 1 from my head to my toes!

I didnt get it from too much sugar, my body attacked me like a giant booger!

I prick my fingers all day, hope my #s go my way!

When Im low I feel like j-e-l-l-o so dont be mad if I dont say hell-o!

When Im high I get real mad! Aint no joke makes my mom sad.




Toucan Scraps said...

this is inspirational

Reyna said...

Joe loved seeing Justice! You and your family are inspirational Lex. I admire your advocacy efforts. xoxo

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Word, yo! Best rap evah!!!!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Word to your mutha...pancreas, that is! ;) Too cool!!

Lora said...

HAHA!! Denise just stole my line!!! ACK!!!!

Jen said...

I LOVE you and your boys..that video is amazing!

Crystal said...

<3 LOVE <3

Kris said...

He's so awesome, Lex. Just like you!

Laura @ Houston We Have A Problem! said...

Yep - what Kris said . . . awesome just like his D Mama!!


colleen said...

He's just too cute!

aliza chana of alizawithdiabetes said...

just listened to the replay of the DSMA live chat and alexis and justice, you are AWESOME! :) you are absolutely amazing! :)
such an uplifting hour!

Karen G said...

I gotta tell you, DBoy is the coolest super hero ever!!!!!

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