Monday, June 20, 2011


Oh how I have missed you all! I just haven't felt like me lately. D is being D nothing out of the ordinary that is causing this really.

I think I'm just onto the FUCK DIABETES emotion of this disease. The neverendingness of it has got to me recently. I'm sure I will get passed it but some days are harder than others.

I honestly almost punched a biatch in the face on my birthday...all D related. Truuuuust me she deserved it...but I didn't. Stupid husband and his being reasonable. Lol.

I need to tell the whole story and I'm trying to VLOG it but my phone has decided not to let me upload anything..along with my YCDT video. Ugh!

I just wanted to check in. Say hi. Tell you all I'm thinking of you. I miss you. Love you. I'm trying to read all the blogs and comment but with the kids home now its just hard.

But if you need me you know how to find me..I am a texting whore and love phone calls so make it happen!

I'm staying busy with JDRF fundraising and being on the Walk committee..lots to do! In the meantime back to working on uploading these VLOGS....


PS. I am working on more shirt designs, and other items. We have added a few. Please let me know if there are any glitches or items don't look as they should. I mean sheesh I'm doing this from a phone! Click here. Thanks! Muuuuah!


Hallie said...

I am back, too! And I sooooo wanna see your vlog about the biatch that deserved an a$$ kickin'!! Hang in there, Lex. I know that place. All too well. The sun will come back out again. Love you!! I'm here if you need me! I don't have texting ( J says he'd lose me to the computer and phone forever if I did) but I'm just a phone call or email away! Unless you have an iPhone or the Ping app. I can text free with that!!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Have been thinking about and missing you, Lex! Hoping you are either posting more soon or kept away for much better reasons!! ;) HUGS!!!

Reyna said...

Missed you too. I'll try calling again. I was so bummed that I didn't reach you last Sunday! WAH!!!! xo

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