Saturday, June 25, 2011

YOU can Do This and a Dancing 5K!

Hi! Omg what a day. The boys and I all have infections and are on antibiotics. My laptop is still broken and internet not working. But there are TWO amaze balls projects we had to get in on!! One is the Virtual 5k started by the awesome Reyna's sister Tara!! And the other is the You Can Do This Project started by the always lovely Kim over at Texting My Pancreas. Its 110 here so walking outside wasn't realistic soooo my boys danced till Justice got low..which was about 40 minutes. We have more dancing to do baby!! Here's a glimpse at my cuties getting down for a CURE! We will be dancing all weekend till we reach the dancing equivelent of 5k! And here's a video of me and the boys letting YOU know YOU CAN DO THIS!! ....wait!! Just as I was getting the link for me and the boys video...I saw one my original ones somehow uploaded!!! Soooo you get two for the price of one baby! Ummm the video is sideways! UGH! But you'll understand it lol.. Hope you enjoy. Hope I helped someone. Hope you all know what you mean to us. Love you guys!


Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

So great! Love that you are dancing your 5k...that's so cool! Nice, moves, too!!
Love the videos. You always speak from the heart and I so appreciate that! HUGS!!

Reyna said...

DUDE!!! Your kids can dance! AND...loved the YCDT videos (both of them). I think sharing about your anxiety was touching and helpful Lex. Once again you are letting people know they are not alone. That is so incredible. xo

Penny said...

Wonderful vids Lexi - I so enjoyed seeing the kids dance. I love seeing you on video, sharing your story. We are all not alone in this.

Leighann said...

Loved seeing you guys in the videos! Those boys have got some moves :)

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