Friday, July 22, 2011



These words are NOT those associated with those of the D.O.C.

When I think of the D.O.C, the people in it, including Type 1s, Type 1.5s, Type 2s, Type 3s and everything in between I think of love, support, laughter, happiness, and as my good friend said today FAMILY.

So when people mess with my family, when they perpetuate hate, myths and other evils I am not happy.

We all know there are differences between all kinds of diabetes, we get that, and respect it. But differences or not we are in this game together.

The medias portrayal of Type 2s is becoming more and more demeaning, degrading and quite frankly pissing me the fuck off.

Are some type 2s diagnosed as a result of diet and or exercise or lack there of? Sure. And some are not. Why people are diagnosed is NOT the issue at hand. Where does this idea come from that its acceptable to name call, write shitty articles and place blame.

Trust me our community has enough to deal with.

Today we deal with this piece of work.

This article spews hate. Period. It gives the idea that our community is at war with each other. It demeans people I love living with Type 2 like my dad, my husband, Mike and others.

It also puts down our parenting skills, that we are in essence killing our children because we are letting them enjoy themselves and spread lies that our kids shouldn't have ice cream!

It sets us back when we try to fundraise for groups like JDRF who are working towards a CURE for all of us!

Who's gonna help us if they think we created this ourselves!

It let's society think its ok to treat PWD and CWD like criminals. Who have to be reprimanded when they enjoy something sweet.

It puts down the hard work that advocates like my friend Wendy, are doing to help those in need.

It hurts.

It hits my soul. My core. My heart.

Diabetes is not an easy road, its a disease that can take lives, limbs, eyes, friendships, marriages and our sense of peace and normality at times.

What it doesn't take away is the love, laughter and pure joy of life.

Because of the D.O.C I have found more of these things and am beyond blessed.

So while people like this write hateful articles, and try and turn us against one another, you remember that's not what our community is about.

That's not what you're about. Not what I'm about.

The D.O.C = LOVE.



Wendy said...

Awesome post!!! That article really tweaked a nerve. I can't stand all the stereotypes!

Joanne said...

Sing it, sista!

Joanne said...

Okay, I left my comment here before I went and read his hateful spew. Wanna come with me to go kick his ass???

(Or maybe pour some sugar down his throat)

Kelly said...

I'm with you, the blame game is getting ridiculous. In the end the results of the disease are all the same....this is about PEOPLE, not their lifestyle. It's so sad. It pisses me the fuck off too. :(

Electronic Medical Records said...

This sounds people are still good at pointing fingering while covering their asses...times must change...and I am with you in this.

Reyna said...

Oy, I have purposely been avoiding reading this article b/c I don't wanna get mad. I'll go scope it out.

Love you...and yes, DOC=LOVE.

Michael Hoskins said...

Incredibly wonderful post, my friend. You do this community well and capture the love and support that it's all about, and how columns and newspaper writings such as this one hurt our community so much. Thanks for being who you are, for writing this, and just working to get the right message out there. Preach on!

Elizabeth said...

Love your post! I wish I had stumbled upon the DOC earlier on in my dx, but I guess better late than never huh?! That combined with the fact that when I was dx, the internet didn't even exist (I don't think, at least it didn't exist in my household). But I found you all now, and I'm so happy!

Valerie said...

Way to back up the DOC!

shannon said...


Celebrate With Us!