Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Go Go Gadget Flow

This post was accidentally published last week. Wasn't ready yet. So now here you go :) Press video for song while reading post. There he is. My big boy. Doing the dishes. Yup his new daily chore. Mama loves it. Lol I watch him sometimes from a distance, and just think of how big he has gotten, how tall, how smart, how compassionate he is, or how much he's driving me nuts at the moment. Then there are time I look at him and see the Gadgets. The amazing technological advancements that he is damn lucky to have. We are damn lucky to have. The site. Connected to the pump. The pump wrapped in his kick ass tummietote. The tubing sliding down his arm, or peeking out from his pants. The sensor. The sensor stuck to him. Not moving for usually 2 weeks at a time. Leaving tan lines in shapes of large ovals. The Dexcom reciever. Wrapped around his waist here, in a My Pump Gear pack. Pushed to the back as not to get it wet from the dish water. It doesn't sound like a lot to someone who doesn't know. But it is. Its equipment. Medical equipment. On his body 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. I love each piece of it. Without question. So does he. The Ping? I love the freedom the pump gives him to eat, to graze. To reduce basals for the bouncy house at the party or track at school. I love the way I can set a combo at the movie theatre for all the snacks he will be endulging in. Or how I can crank up his basal during those nightime growth spurt highs and then change it the following week. Specific times, exact doses. It works for him. We achieve awesome numbers and we definitely don't miss having to draw up insulin everytime he wants to eat. Dexcom? Probably one of my best friends. Gives me peace of mind when I need it and warns me when is trouble is brewing. I can honestly say I cannot imagine NOT having Dex in our Diabetes life. Basal testing, pasta and pizza, sleeping in, activity, seeing how fast insulin works, life saving beeps and vibrates. All of it. But sometimes, somedays, I miss my device free son. I miss his body without these things so evident, and very hard to miss. I'm grateful for them, wouldn't give them up, but I can't help but think of pre Device Justice. Playing and running around without worry of bumping his sensor, or ripping off his site. There are days when I contemplate going back to MDI for a while. But I know for his numbers its just not the best thing to do. His A1Cs would suffer I have no doubt. When MDI he ran steady between 7.0 and 8.0 never lower never higher. Endo was very happy. He was only 6 and then 7. I was happy. I thought wow how awesome I am! Ha. I know know those lower ones were not from control but lows. Lantus didn't work for him. He would crash at the drop of hat, which meant we couldn't correct highs. So he would cruise the 200s all night sometimes. Most times. We used to sleep. Still checked but we slept. But how bad that is for his body. Our endo was ok with a 200 all night. I am not. Now that I know what I know. We have been able to achieve A1Cs now in the 6s and I'm confident that's because of stable numbers not lows. He hated the pump the first month, even though its what he wanted. Despised it. But now? He loves it. He told me so. So how can I make a change in his management just so I don't have to see the devices? I can't. That's selfish bullshit. With with the tighter control of the pump I would not cannot give up Dex. If we were back to MDI maybe. But I think it. I do. When I'm cuddling with him at night, or hugging him in the morning, when his brother comes in screaming he knocked Js sensor off. All these times I am longing for the device free J. I guess all Supeheros have to have devices tho right? Or Gadgets as I prefer to call them. So for now we go with the flow.......


Wendy said...

You have quite a handsome boy there, my friend.

Train him well...one day there will be a lucky woman who will steal his heart and be thankful that his mama taught him to do dishes :)

Device free moments are fleeting...but, like you, we can't go back after having a taste of how much technology has enhanced our life.

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Going with the flow, gadgets and all, doing our best for them everyday.

Reyna said...

Love that he is doing the dishes!!! I have Joe vacuuming and dusting...but not the dishes. I need to get going on that.


On the devices, me too. Although I think the data and the management of such technology carries a certain mental and psychological weight, I would NOT go back to MDI. I don't think Joe would either.

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