Saturday, July 23, 2011

Justice Loves His Dex.

So I started implementing "school work" for the kids this summer. To keep them on their toes.

One of Justices assignments today was to write about his Dexcom.

Why I love my Dexcom
By Justice Newell

"I love my Dexcom because it tells my sugar.
It tells me if I'm high or low.
It makes me feel happy.
I can name it.
It beeps so my parents can hear it.
When I don't feel low it tells me.

That's why I love my Dexcom!".

I loved seeing him so happy about his Dex but I did explain he would need to put more effort into his essays! This is school work folks.

He proceeded to tell me he truly loves his Dex.

I asked him if he would trade it for anything and he said..

"Only for a cure mom...".


Elizabeth said...

That's one beautiful straight line! I'm jealous!

Tracy1918 said...

Love it!

And great idea on the summer homework. We're doing math, but I love the essay idea!

Penny said...

That's beauty right there - the line AND the poem!

Joanne said...

ohhhhhh, pretty line!

Michael Hoskins said...

Now, THAT makes me smile... Thanks, Justice!

Reyna said...

And...for 6 hours even! Love that line.

Hallie said...

Awwww! We love our Dex, too! And we would only trade it for a cure, too!

Holly said...

Love that perfect line!! That alone is almost a cure. ; ) He's precious-and he showed voice in his writing-I like it! : ) (and it is summer.) ; )

Wendy said...

A beautiful line, a beautiful essay, a beautiful life ;)

shannon said...

wow, awesome! the essay and the straight line! :)

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