Friday, July 1, 2011

Justice's Song

We had another rough nite. J comes to me and says "check me now. I feel like I'm 36." Guess what he was? 37! Today is a better day. He said he wrote a song about Diabetes. I guess its a form of therapy for him. Well here it goes.


Cara said...

OMG! I love it!! Great job Justice.

Misty said...

Justice Rocks!! Sorry about the low :( But great job Justice in recognizing it.

Reyna said...

BUMMER on the low Lex!!! They seem to be going around the DOC!

And...his creativity amazes me time and time again. Perhaps writing music is his therapy like writing is ours.

Have a great holiday w/e!

Scully said...

"diabetes is my enemy, why don't you go away."
I LOVE THIS. I'm on the Justice train.

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