Monday, July 25, 2011

Mind Yours! *Foul Language Warning*.

Manners that is.

I'm not sure where in the blogging, tweeting, and facebooking equation people got the idea that it was acceptable to put down, criticize or belittle D Moms on how they "pancreate".

Hmm? Yes I'm talking to YOU. Sometimes you hide under "Anonyomous" aka "pu$$y", other times you have balls and actually use your name.

You accuse us of sharing our stories to scare others.

Accuse of us "inducing lows" to get that 6.5 A1C.

Tell us that no kid should be eating that much pasta.

Belittle us for posting pics of our kids site changes or the like.

Assume that because your kid doesn't go low when he jumps on his bed for 5 minutes that mine shouldn't either.

Judge us because we choose one pump over the other.

Start a pissing match because we went with one CGM instead of another.

Make snide comments because we use skittles instead of glucose tabs.

Rip us to shreds because we blog about our deepest fears.

There's soooooo much more that you've done.

To me. To my friends. Scratch that my family.

And guess what? It makes YOU the shithead not us.

You're the insensitive fucktard (thanks Rey), who has no idea what support means.

Clearly your fighting to find some of your own, but given your major personality flaw, hasn't found anyone to do for you what my girls do for me, and I for them.

So take this as a warning? A memo? A ettiquette 101? Whatever you'd like to call it.

You and your snide comments are not welcomed here.

Not on our blogs.

Not on our facebooks.

Not in our emails.

Not on our twitters.

Not on Google+ (which I'm sure no ones invited you too, for obvious reasons).

More and more I'm seeing comments on my "D sistas'' blogs and most recently a facebook.

So I thought I would take the time to say, on behalf of all us fabulous D mamas.


Clearly we are just too amazing for you to stand.


Leighann said...

I'm sorry that some people feel the need to misbehave. It hurts feelings. I find some people put down others to feel better about the choices they've made for themselves.

I'm proud to be one of the d-moms in your circle of support!

Penny said...

I love this post Lex! And you are right on every point! The Anonymous just likes to stir the pot. They can all just f off in my opinion.

Reyna said...

Ah, uh-oh!!! What happened? I am so outta the loop on FB and you know :)

You are right Lex. We all have so much on our plates, too much, why bicker over such miniscule details.

Cindy said...

I'm out of the loop and have no clue what's going on...but, I love this response to whatever it is! I think you might've just gone "honey-badger" on Anonymous!

Princess LadyBug said...

My Mommy has read some of the D-Mom blogs, including yours. Her response kind of floored me. She said, "I'd never wish diabetes on you, baby, but if you had to have it I'm glad it came along when you were able to take care of yourself. I don't think I could do one-tenth of what these women do for their kids." This from a woman that worked 3 jobs just to feed us & a keep a roof over our heads.

You know what? I don't think I could either. You D-Mamas are AMAZING! And just so everyone knows, the a$$ whooping line starts right here. You don't want to mess with one of our own people. The DOC is pretty big & gets riled up when you start messing with our family.

On a side note, Lexi I think of you & J every day at work. My co-worker has a sign that says, "Super heroes don't always wear capes." Sometimes they just go by Momma. :)

Love you both!!!

Heidi =) said...

I for one am proud to be in your circle of support and am not sure what you are referring to but I love your response. It's so hard to see us in the same "family" doing our best for our kids to balance D and just being a kid and judging the way others chose to handle that roll. Life is hard especially with D in the mix! Love you Lex!

Joanne said...

Seriously? Someone is going around saying that crap? Thankfully I've never read any crap like that.

You tell 'em Lexi!

sky0138 said...

I've never experienced first hand comments like the ones you described thankfully! I have heard some comments along the lines of snobby/trying to "one up" others with how bad they have it, which is ridiculous to me. I love my fellow D-Momma's and PWD and I don't know what I would do without them! The DOC is supposed to be a supportive family for ALL! Some people are such idiots. I'm sorry you had to deal with them!

Hallie said...


Do you hear that? It's me, jumping up and down, shouting GO LEX!!!

I agree with you. I am SICK of it. Sick of the personal attacks. Sick of the judging. Sick of the insinuating that someone is endangering their children because they don't pancreate the same way as you. Sick of the hateful comments.

When did it become ok to say something to someone online that you'd never in a million years say in person?

Great post!!!! Love it! And Love YOU!!

the Loving family said...

New follower and LOVE it already!! Go Lex!! How true! Where else are us D Momma's gonna vent? I've got loving and supportive family and friends but they have NO idea what we go through! I love being able to vent to Mommas that "get it". A place to vent, ask questions, cry and pat on the back fellow D families. You go Lex!! Looking forward to your other posts!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Preach it, sista!!
It's RIDICULOUS what some people think is OK to share.
We come here to support each other and to get support...not to be judged or told what we are doing is wrong because it's different.
Love you!!!

Scott said...

I moderate comments, and on occasion, I have been criticized for not posting comments I felt were inappropriate (either because they are incendiary or irrelevant to the topic they are commenting or, or are just plain rude). My response: my blog is not a democracy, and you do not have the right to be heard if I don't want your comments here. Do you think The New York Times will publish your letter automatically? No, and I reserve the right to moderate comments left on my blog for that very reason. But you have every right to prevent people from leaving comments that serve the purpose of making you feel as if you have done something wrong; as I said, this is a blog, not a democracy!

Cara said...

You are an amazing and wonderful mother and person. I look forward to the day I can meet you face to face. All any of us can do (as a person with diabetes, or a caregiver of a person with diabetes) is our best. If others are out to judge, I'm glad someone is around to call them out on it.
The D-OC is here to support, not belittle.
Good for you for calling it like you see it!
Oh, and I proudly include my name on this comment. :)

Holly said...

Go, Lexi! I haven't seen the comments, I'm so sorry. : ( I have to read better!! ; ) I hope they get your message, girl!! Thanks for standing up for your friends, you are awesome! : )

Wendy said...

Wow. Clue me in!

And I totally your back, Sista :)

Anon...get a life!

Karen G said...

Wow . . . . I'm so sorry you've been subject to such idiotic people. I guess I've been lucky that I haven't run into much of that - but when I do I know how much it hurts me. I hope you know how amazing and awesome you and all of the other d-moms are!!!! You are all Major Rock Stars in my eyes! Rock on, my friend, rock on!!

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