Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pump Pimpin' Schoolin'

I will never forget when Justice first started pumping. Besides the insanity of basals, figuring out the right sites for him etc, he had an issue of where to put it.

He hated using the clip during the day. He didn't like to have to hold it while he did his business.

We tried a pump pack from 50/50 and he hated it. It moved, flopped, flipped, and flapped around.

And then I found it. Through Reyna and Laura.


Amazing is not an adequate word.

Justice LOVES everything Donna from Tallygear makes. She even made an armband for him with a window and velcro! He thought it was beyond annoying to wear the pump on your waist and site on your arm. And she handled that!

Donna has made pumping fun for Justice.

Given him confidence in showing off his pump and Dex. Not being embarressed by what's hanging off his waist or arm.

He can do everything with his tummietote or armband, he can swim, jump on trampolines, run track, and whatever else he desires.

I can't imagine using anything else to house his 2 "best buds".

I want to mention school. School is coming up and kids need something secure and yes stylish to wear. But they also need a way to keep a meter and some fasting acting sugar on them.

A book bag can get left behind, things fall out of pockets. But with your tummietote its secure and always at arms reach!

The school staff loves Justices "diabetes belt" as they call it. They know no matter where he is he has a meter and frosting, or smarties to take care of a low. It makes me feel that he's always safe at recess, music or wherever.

So while you're doing some school shopping this month or next don't forget a most important item!

A Tummietote!

Remember non pumpers can use it too!!

So head on over to Tallygear and get your pimp on!!

*These opinions are of my own and I was not asked to share any of this with you. But what kind of friend would I be if I didn't!?*.


Penny said...

Thrilled J has something that works so well for him! And Lex, he looks JUST like you in that last picture!

Diane D said...

I never thought about using the other pocket for fact acting sugar!! Love that!

Reyna said...

Truly, Donna and Tallygear has made pumping more functional for Joe. Great post Lex!

Kelly said...

Hey! We both just totally blogged for the love of Tummietote at the same time! I'm glad you love it as much as we do!

shannon said...

love the fashion snaps!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Bean loves her tummietote, too! She's also liking the zipper pouch because it's a little less restrictive for her...she has some 'claustrophobic issues' with the wide band around her waist sometimes.
She carried a mini-backpack last year at school and it worked OK, but that was before the dexcom. I'm trying to figure out how to make it all work for this year...and I KNOW Tallygear will play a HUGE part!! :)

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