Monday, August 29, 2011

Diabetes Art Day 2011: My Therapy during this time.

As many of you know we have had a trying 2 weeks. Justice is showing signs of losing his hair (bald patches). We have done the lab work and now have to idley by and wait for the results.

Once results are back we will know from there if its a thyroid issue, if not next is a dermatologist to determine if its Alopecia.

Its been rough, someone actually made a comment about it infront of him, and even laughed.

He shrugged it off, I cried.

I needed an outlet. And for me creativity has always been a major part of relieving stress.

Well it just so happens Diabetes Art Day is this week! Last year I believe was the 1st year and it was a blast. It was started by the awesome Lee Ann.

Check out her blog here

You can see some of our art from last year if you click on the tabs above.

Here are our submissions for this year.

Photo by Mommy, blood provided by Justice
Drawing by Justice
Wall art by Mommy (yes its hanging in our hall!)
(Synsyre isn't finished yet)

Don't forget to click here to add your art and see the rest of amazing pieces done by the DOC!



Misty said...

Aww love the artwork...especially the heart-shaped drop of blood! We heart you too!

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Oh Lexi, my heart breaks for you guys. People are so ignorant sometimes! Hopefully you should get the results back before the weekend.

I LOVE the artwork!

Jules said...

oh ffs, what is wrong with some people? like you dont have enough to worry about already. i totally agree with you about being creative when things are stressful. when things get me down, i love to knit and garden and watch something positive grow to fruition. much hugs xx.

Jess said...

sending hugs and prayers to you guys! a girl i went to high school with had alopecia. she was amazing. sometimes she wore a wig, and sometimes she just went bald. she was a cheerleader and on the dance team.

whatever it happens, nothing will keep J from doing what he wants and being the best he can be! hang in there!

Lora said...

You know you guys are in my thought daily. I know it will be okay. I am smacking the hell out of the laughing little fuck as we speak... even if it is only in my head.

You are my twin, so I know you are strong. I love you!

Reyna said... the drop of blood! And...I have been thinking of you guys. And...I woulda cold cocked the little bastard. xo

Meagan said...

Hoping and praying you have answers and a treatment plan soon. It's hard being strong at times like these, I'm sending BIG love and vibes your way. He'll be fine no matter what cause he's got such a strong mama. ((Hugs))

Jen said...

I have been thinking about you guys Lexi...I would have cried too! Our kids are so resilient..sometimes that makes my heart ache even more!! I love all the guys did a great job. XO

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