Monday, August 1, 2011

Find YOUR Voice! A Guest Post- Cara

I met Cara about a year ago via twitter, when I met most of the amazing PWDs I know.

She has always been one of the most supportive, compassionate and honestly sweetest people I've met in the

As usual trying to find a way to advocate for all of us and help those who may not have a voice (YET) in the D.O.C, Cara has come up with an awesome way for everyones stories to be heard.

Not just PWDs, D mamas, or dads. But CWD, cousins, teachers, siblings. Those who may not LIVE with the disease but live WITH the disease.

You'll even see stories from Justice and Synsyre featured!

So here's Cara to tell you how YOU can let YOUR voice be heard.


It started as writer’ s block. Really. Several months of diabetes burnout led to serious diabetes blogging issues. I love my readers and I hate not having anything for them to read.

So instead of the regular memes or posting about how I had nothing to post about, I thought I’ d try to find some guest bloggers. I love guest bloggers. I love to guest blog. But I wanted something different for my guest bloggers. For a while I have toyed around with the idea of having my mother write something for my blog.

She’s a non- blogger. She doesn’ t have facebook or twitter. She doesn’t even have an email account that she doesn’t share with my step- dad. But she has a story. A million stories about what it was like raising me; a child with type 1 diabetes.

That thought alone got my mind working. Diabetes doesn’ t just affect the person living with diabetes. It effects everyone around them. A child’ s teacher. A grandparent. A best friend. A sibling. The parent who doesn’t blog. The person with diabetes who doesn’t blog. Online we are a loud voice. We advocate daily. We support each other. But I remember when I didn ’t have the online community.

I didn’ t have the outlet to talk about how diabetes affected me The voices that we don ’t hear online are the voices that I hope to allow to be heard in the “Your Voice” project. There are so many lurkers in our community.

There are so many family members and people living with diabetes that are on facebook, twitter and sites like TuDiabetes, but don ’t blog. I want to allow those stories to be told.

Starting this week I am going to be posting at least 2 guest every week on my blog. I want all kinds of stories from people who aren’ t bloggers. If you have a child that you blog about and you want to let them tell their story (even if you have to type it for them!) or if you have a spouse that’s a non -blogger who would like to share with the online community. Remember, doesn’t matter the connection to diabetes, just that there is one. I’d love to hear your story.

You can submit stories to my email at beth2027@ yahoo .com .
Please put “Your Voice” in the subject line so that I know what I’ m getting. Also,if it is a minor child’s story, please let a parent submit it (so I know that they have permission!) . No story is insignificant .

Every voice deserves to be heard. More details can be found at:

http: //countrygirldiabetic .blogspot .com /p /info -on -your - voice- project. html

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Misty said...

Great idea! Looking forward to hearing their stories.

Lora said...

What a great idea!!

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