Thursday, August 18, 2011

If It Was You.

What would YOU do if your child was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes?

What would YOU do if you couldn't afford insurance?

What would YOU do if the state denied him coverage?

What would YOU do if knew your childs life span could be reduced because of this disease?

What would YOU do if you had to watch your child moan, at the pain he felt when his blood sugar was too high?

What would YOU do if your childs sugar was dangerously low, but they refused to drink juice or eat candy?

What would YOU do if you knew others had buried their children due to lows in the middle of the night?

What would YOU do when kids teased your child because of their medical equipment to which they are attached 24/7?

What would YOU do if you had to leave them at school all day, their life in someone elses hands.

What would YOU do if you had to pierce your childs skin daily?

What would YOU do if you had to see your childs blood everytime you sat them down to eat?

What would YOU do if your childs life depended on a small bottle of liquid?

What would YOU do if you didn't sleep more than 2 hours at a time?

What would YOU do if you had to make life and death decisions every moment of everyday?

What would YOU do if you had to worry about keeping your child alive at that moment but also 20 years from now?

What would YOU do if the most simple things in life were no longer simple?

What would YOU do if life as you know it was about to change forever?

What would YOU do if YOU were me?

Hard to answer isn't it?

I only hope that YOU never are.

But if that day comes I will support YOU.

And that's all I ask of YOU now.


Meri said...

I support you! <3

Reyna said...

The "blood every time you sit down to eat" got to me...for some reason I never really thought about it like that. So true.

Joanne said...

Well said, Lexi. All that stuff becomes so automatic after awhile, that I barely think about it. Reading that list made me tired.

Meagan said...

I often wonder how other people (especially ignorant ones that are sure I got type 1 diabetes because of "poor diet"...seriously someone said that to me last week) would handle it if someone they loved was diagnosed. I truly hope they never have to find out. It's crazy how much our lives changed in one little moment. We're here for you, and we understand! ((Hugs))

Kelly said...

This post surely tugs at the heart at all we do for our children. I just hopped over to say "Hi" for the first time. I have so enjoyed and felt so much support from reading your blog since my son was diagnosed last year and look forward to continuing to read more. Thank you for keeping it so real.

The DL said...

beautiful. Thank you for sharing

Penny said...

Well said Lex, our lives are so abnormally 'normal' huh?!

Wendy said...


That is all.


Lora said...

I wish neither of us HAD to know.

Love you. Love this.

Holly said...

You are wonderful. Your writing makes me think. : )
And we'll support you!! : ) Hugs!

Anonymous said...

So much of what we do becomes automatic over the years but your post brought me back to her diagnosis and a little pamphlet they handed to me in the hospital. Question: "Do you mean to tell me I will have to prick my child's finger with a needle eight to ten times a day to check blood sugar and give my child three or four injections a day to keep him/her alive?" Answer: "Unfortunately, yes." I remember the shock I felt. So much care goes into these children to keep them healthy, just to keep them alive. And, fact is, it does eventually become second nature. You do a great job taking care of your son. And I love how you are able to articulate what I so often feel. You support us and we can find comfort in your blog. I hope others in your life can support you.

Jen said...

Awesome post, thanks! You totally hit on everything that we, as D-parents deal with/worry about/freak out over each and every day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being there for me.

Anonymous said...

Completar el blanco?


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