Monday, September 12, 2011

Calling PWD or Your CWD- "Normal".


Lately Justice has been saying, after I tell him to bolus or check bg, that he "just want to be normal!".

Its heartbreaking.

Synsyre and I even concocted a notion the other day that maybe WE were the one with the falty pancreas' and maybe everyone is supposed to have pumps! Maybe there's a planet of beings where everyone is each others pancreas'!

Pathetic? Yea. I tried. I have held him, let him cry, vent, even let him say "D can kiss my arse". I know, I know.

But its not helping.

He feels different.

He says even though dad has Type 2, he just checks his bg, pops a pill, and that's it. No bolus, no site change, no Dex.

Most days are fine, but on days like yesterday where he was in the 300s for hours due to a bad cold, it gets him down.

So I would like to do something for my hero.

Something showing him Same Same. Ya know?

I would like to know if any PWD or CWD would be willing to write a letter (handwritten is more personal than an email), to Justice.

Tell your/their story, how you cope, that it will be OK.

I will then compile a book of all these letters.

I think I will call them "Pancreatic Avengers" after his JDRF team name, its fitting.

It will be a book he can look at and read whenever he needs a pick me up.

A VLOG would work too, if anyones into that.

I have found the support, comfort, and calm in all of you, please help me to give Justice the same.

If you're interested please email me at for my address.


*Please excuse me on my lack of blog comments, I am having major issues commenting with my phone sometimes, but I am reading and I am here! Love you guys. xoxo


Heidi / D-Tales said...

Love this idea!!!

sky0138 said...

fantastic idea! you have amazing boys there Alexis. :o) My daughter is only 7, but I am sure she would love to write a little note or draw a picture to brighten Justice's day!

Valerie said...

Yeah, I would totally do that! I totally understand though...there have been so many times this year where I just feel done with it all. I was really hungry last night and after having a couple small snacks with very little carbs, I was thinking, I JUST want to eat that cookie (there was a dark chocolate cookie in a box in front of me) before bedtime without needing to bolus or worrying about my blood sugar being too high for bedtime! And then today it was, how did 15g of carbs make me spike to 233? Do I need more insulin now? What the eff is going on? I don't want to be stressing about this right now! Yea, I could go on on and on, but I'll stop now. :)

Scott S said...

I wrote a post last February called "Redefining Normal" ( see that post at ) which argues that the notion that people with diabetes lead "normal lives" is just wishful thinking, or perhaps fiction perpetuated by people who do not have the answers (meaning doctors). Still, I do think your idea about "Pancreatic Avengers" is a good route to go; readers are curious to see what becomes of this!!

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Hi Lexi,
Please e-mail me your address. Andrew would love to write a letter! Maybe they could become pen


The DL said...

I'd love to send a letter! I will send you an email!

Brad Meter Boy said...

Normal is…

a painting without color

an empty suit heading to an empty job

a snowman without a nose or hat

a flower without petals

thinking inside the box

shoes with laces

a crayon box with all grey crayons

a white picket fence

waiting for others to take chances

the business section of the newspaper

never being outrageous

keeping your thoughts to yourself

a calendar with no days circled in red

the first floor of every office
building I’ve ever been in

a school without an arts program

Saturday night alone

walking a straight line

a cupcake with no frosting

a measuring cup, neatly marked

with precise measurements

an alarm clock that wakes you up at the same time every day

not ever being spontaneous




Normal is everything I don’t want to be

Tracy1918 said...

I will ask Matthew. Sadly, he feels the someway sometime, so I'm not sure what he'll say. One thing is fir sure: he HATES handwriting, so we would make a video for sure. Remind me how old justice is....

Meagan said...

Breaks my heart. Great idea about the letters though! I'll think of something to write...emailing you now! :D

Reyna said...

I'll see what Joe can come up with Dear Sweet One. I love you and your boyz. xo

Princess LadyBug said...

I'm in. I might not be able to write my letter by hand though. Arthritis & carpal tunnel make it hard for me to write more than a few lines. But I'll make sure to add lots of colour to my letter. And not with bad language. :P My email is princessldybg at gmail dot com. :)

Love y'all!!

shannon said...

i love this idea and i would love to participate, but think it would probably be more powerful coming from my CWD, and like another commenter, my kid is sometimes in the same boat, so i'm not sure how into it she would be. but i know how you feel, i can still remember the punch to the gut i felt when L answered a question for our local JDRF event which was "what would a cure for diabetes mean to you?" and she replied: "It would mean to me that I could be like every other person and be sort of normal."


Wendy said...

Hello BEHIND! Just saw this...we'd totally love to help :)

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