Sunday, September 18, 2011

Joe, Lets Tango!

Justice wanted to personally thank Joe for that awesome VLOG. It lifted him up and definitely made us all smile. Reyna. YOU do that for ME everyday. Love you lady. Without further to do..


Reyna said...

Hi Justice! What a wonderful VLOG. I cannot wait until Joe wakes up this morning so that he can see it. Your spirit and strength inspire me daily through your mother's writing and sharing.

Your puppy is ADORABLE. We have a new puppy too. His name is Henry. He is about 10 weeks old. We are working really hard at potty-training him right now.

I love you Justice! Keep your chin up.

Reyna (Joe's mom)

P.S. Lexi ~ I love your slippers and I totally understand on the make-up thing. I would not be caught dead on my blog without my make-up. xo

Scully said...

HA! you two ladys are lovely! and your two T1D sons are inspirational. Love you guys!

Kimberly said...


Kelly said...

This just made me smile so big! I hope that one day my little guy will have someone like your big guy to look up too! Thanks for the smile Justice.

shannon said...

DOC lovefest! :D

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