Thursday, September 15, 2011



I don't want to make this a long post, I'm just too tired and kind of drained from all the medical crap going on.

UPDATE on Justice first:

Dermatologist confirmed he has Alopecia. He says hair usually falls out and grows back. He gave us a steriod based cream to promote hair growth. He said the bald spots are not shiny which indicates hair folicles are still alive just not working. And this is indeed autoimmune. Fuck a duck.

Bone age xray was done today, and results should be back on Monday, hopefully.

Bone age xray done today as well, should be back Monday.

I thought we were waiting for insurance to approve the outpatient test for his Adrenal gland manipulation. Well apparently CDE didn't even submit it yet! UGH. She said they are behind. Whatever, did I mention my RX for strips got messed up too? Yea.

Anyway I told her I expect it to be submitted and scheduled by next Monday. So here's hoping!

Upside Synsyres A1C was 5.5 so I can stop worrying about that for a lil bit. We don't do trial net anymore so I like to keep up with A1C, as you know we all fear of another dx.

And that's all I got.

D has been being a fickle fucker and there's no pattern so I can't make any changes.

I'm so tired and really could use a drink.

Anyone care to join me?

(*Blogger still being funny, so sorry I'm not caught up on everyones blogs, thinking of you all*).



Amy said...

Lex, my sweet dear girl . . . I am so sorry. Let yourself just 'be' with this new reality and be kind to yourself. Justice may not have a fully functioning pancreas, or frisky hair follicles, but he has what so many children do not . . . a Mama who loves him and will never let him down!!! <3

Joanne said...

woo-hoo on the A1C and boo to all the other crap.

If I wasn't nursing, I would so join you for that drink.

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

We just put Justice's letter in the mail today. I hope it cheers him up.

Congrats on the AWESOME A1C!

Wendy said...

Love you, Girl...pass the bottle, I'm right here.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

If we lived closer, I'd take you out for drinks! Hang in there!


Reyna said...

Let's have a drink over the phone...wait...with the time difference it could be too early for you - LOL.

Been thinking of you. You have a lot on your plate. Love you, Love you, Love you. xo

Penny said...

You guys are all in my thoughts. I am so sorry it's one more thing. And yes to that drink - we all need to meet in a bar!
Love you hon.

Scully said...

*SIGH* my condolences on another autoimmune diagnosis. be strong and keep your head up. One day at a time.... that's how I live.

Tracy1918 said...

We're still going to make a video. Matthew did do o e yesterday but it was so not encouraging. He actually talked about dying. Or not wanting to yet. Duh! We'll try again!!!

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