Wednesday, October 12, 2011

9 Years Ago Today...

I gave birth to my first born.

I learned what it was to truly love without limits.

I found the missing piece of my heart.

I found strength, and courage his eyes.

I knew I was meant to give birth to him.

I knew he would was destined for greatness.

I realized that my heart would forever travel on the outside of my body, as I am now a mother.

Justice has tought me more in his 9 years than I have learned in all my 29.

I have said this before but I know its true so ill say it again....

I was destined to be his mother, and him my son.

I love you Justice. From the depths of my soul, heart, and more then the universe can comprehend.

I only pray you know that.

No matter how upset I am at you, how tired I am or frustrated my love for you does nothing but grow with each second and each breathe I take.

To the moon and back baby.

Happy birthday to my Super Hero!!

*He was born 10.17.02, blogger app messed up the date.


Jules said...

Happy Birthday indeed! Holy moly you were a gorgeous preggo, with an ADORABLE newborn!!

Scully said...

AWWW... chubby little baby boy face... yum! Happy Birthday to the superhero kid!

Meal mommy said...

Happy birthday to Justice! Is the date wrong up top?? It says the 12th. And what happened with Synsyre? I'm behind since I started my new job!! Aaachhh!

Tracy1918 said...

Beautiful post!

shannon said...

aww, happy birthday justice!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. Absolutely gorgeous newborn, with a full head of hair. Your boys are still just as beautiful. Happy birthday.

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