Saturday, October 8, 2011

TallyGear and Justice Presents.......

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Today we are unveiling a NEW product from Tallygear, one that Justice and I had a hand in. Cool right?!

Ok so Justice wears his Tummietotes for school, he puts in it; pump, Dex, candy, cell, and meter (or meter goes in pocked depending on his "mood").

The thing is we live in Vegas, its still in the flipping 80s and 90s here! Justice is a VERY active boy, so having the tummietote on him as comfortable as it is, was causing his back to sweat. He was getting bothered.

He loves the sportsbelts, but the issue was there's only two pockets, one for pump and cgm. (If you don't have a CGM than you can use second pocket for candy (for lows) and problem solved. But he has a lot of stuff to carry!

Sooo he said, "I wish the sportsbelt had a third pocket. Like big enough for my cell phone, glucose gel and smarties. I could fit a meter in there if I needed to also".

So I started emailed the amazing Donna and she loved the idea! In a few days it was here!

Justice immediately put it on and was beyond happy! He was seriously so excited it was bittersweet ya know?

He said it doesn't move, he has everything on him with easy access and his back didn't sweat!!!!

And as usual you cannot see it under his clothes, which for him is very important.

The awesome thing is the attachment IS removable so you can switch which belt you want to add it to!

Keep an eye out, it will be on Tallygears site soon, and you can always request a custom order.

Let them know Justice and I sent ya!


Scully said...

Donna is simply the best person. She takes our ideas to heart and happily delivers. She made me a custom belt that I'm DYING to write about but I'm waiting till right before the marathon!

I LOVE the fabric BTW. My nickname is "Sculls" by some of my friends.

Laura @ Houston We Have A Problem! said...

You and Donna are so awesome!! Love it!

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