Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tomorrow's The Day- Prayers Appreciated.

First I want to say I'm sorry to all my fellow bloggers for my lack of commenting, and not reading as much as I usually do. Life has been hectic! I post on here and keep it moving. I miss you all, and hope life has been nothing but beautiful for you all.

Tomorrow is the day Synsyre will undergo testing to determine if he needs to start hormone therapy or not. This will also give us an official (hopefully not!) diagnosis of CAH.

The scary part of this test is the risks and side effects they warn you about. Nausea, rash, seizures! I know the likely hood of these things happening is small, but its still very scary.

They will have him hooked up to two IVs. One for the meds and one to draw blood. The boy hates needles. Justice will be with us so I hope they let him in the room to support his baby bro. Justice comforts Synsyre in a way neither myself or Biggah can.

Once the testing is done (3 hour procedure), it will take a few days for results. Prayers are appreciated!

I did get back the bone age results on both the boys and they were normal, so that is a huge relief!

Now we face tomorrow.....


Lori Willey said...

I am saying BIG prayers for you all to keep your head held high and chin up Lexi. Kick ass and don't let anything keep those beautiful faces from smiling, God loves you all, and so do I. xxoo Lori aka kicking ass D-gal

Roselady said...

Much love to all of you tomo!

Katie said...

Thinking of you all and sending good thoughts!

Misty said...

I've been MIA on the blogs too. Life gets in the way sometimes ;) I have been thinking about you guys all day. Praying for you and your sweet boys.

P.S. Love the new look on the blog!

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