Wednesday, November 9, 2011

28. #DBlog Day 2011

Today's post is brought to you by the number 28.

This was the number that showed up on the meter when my husband picked up J from school. Confirmed by a 77 arrow down that J apparently ignored.

But today isn't about that low, or the others we have seen this week. Today is #Dblog Day! For more info on that click here.

So I wanted to partake in the scrap book, and I still may but its not done yet due to me now working fulltime, and D kick my ass!

So I'm going with the blog prompt. Which is.....

  Why you feel the Diabetes Online Community is so important?

So here are 14 reasons why, 14x2=28. (Its late and I'm beat).

1. Understanding. No one questions why there's a strip stuck to my ass, why there's empty juice boxes in my purse, why I have random basal rates scribbled on my hand or hold on to my cell phone like I will implode if it put it down.

2. Purpose. I wake up everyday with a purpose. Not just for my son but for everyone in the D.O.C. I want to educate, advocate, support and be there for everyone affected by this disease.

3. Same same. My D mamas. They are my sanity. To get a text at midnight from Laura, or a call from Penny to make sure I'm ok, because they know J had a rough week. They let me ramble on about carb counts, ICs, hormones, endo appts, all that good shit. Wendy helping me through my new GF lifestyle, or Lora texting how I'm keeping up at work on NO sleep. They get it. Completely. They love me. They do! And I them.

4. Hope. My PWDs. Oh how I adore thee. You all teach me that 33 years or 3 that while it doesn't get "better" it gets easier. J will be ok. He will drive, go to school, get married have kids. He will succeed in life. Not despite diabetes but maybe even because of it. He has a strength that I swear only PWD have. You all amaze me everyday. I value each of you, and love you guys!

5. Kiddos. Ahhh the kids of the D.O.C always saying funny things to your parents that they of course tell me (world), tushy pics (heehee), sweet notes to J, video blogs, courage, strength, and showing the world super heros do exist.

6. I's Educated. I have learned more from the online community than the endo, hospital, and google combined. Twitter, FB, blogs, have been life savers. I believe I am as good a pancreas as I am (not cocky I swear) because of all of you.

7. Friends. I have like 300+ friends I have never met in my life. And maybe I never will (although I pray we do!). They know everything about me, and I them. We bitch, moan, laugh, cry, throw glitter at each other. I had almost lost my faith in the good in this world until I found the D.O.C.

8. Creativity. Lee Ann this is all you. Your D Art day, and Postcard exchange helped brighten some really rough days for us here. Gave us an outlet to express ourselves, and see the beautiful side of Diabetes. Thank you.

9. D meet ups! I have had like 4? Well one was more than one person...get your mind out of the gutter! Have you ever met someone in person, that you've only talked to online and felt like you've known them forever? I have. Its AMAZING. I cried when I had to leave the last time, well when they did. J said "they make having Diabetes cool. I love them. I want them to stay". Me too.

10. Empowerment: That's right. As much as D knocks me (us) on our asses we get right up and keep fighting. We keep advocating, keep letting folks know the truth behind this awful, shitty, disease. We speak loud, proud, and honest. Always.

11. Mail!! Lol I used to hate getting mail. Always bills and bs. But now I run to the mail box. I love getting notes and goodies from my D.O.C friends and I LOVE sending out stuff too! So much love can fit in a manilla folder did you know that?!

12. BLUE. My God the sense of community is amazing. Have you seen FB?! So much blue everywhere, so many blogs being shared, status being copied, pics being downloaded and posted. Its beautiful! Type 1, Type 2, Lada it doesn't matter! Everyone holding each other up and being there for one another. If the world could operate how most of the D.O.C does the world would be a better place.

13. Carb counts. Shit. There's just some stuff that ain't in cal king. Or that isn't right. I bolused for cotton candy once and J crashed. Someone said they don't. I didn't. He was great. Seems small but its soo huge. And people will jump to get you a carb count via twitter, text whatever!

14. YOU.


Scully said...

this was so lovely to read I don't even know what to say except, THANK YOU for sharing with us. Put a smile on my face this headachy not feeling well thursday morning!

Rachael said...

I love reading your blog.. You can feel the love with every sentence written :)

Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

Fantastic post, Lex!!! :)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

I smiled through this whole post. Same, same, same, same, same!!! :)

Penny said...

Great post to my great friend! Some day we will meet in real life! Until then, phone calls and texts. YOU rock Lexi!

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Thanks for a great blog
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