Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting To The Bottom, of The Bottom Issue...


Why must these things take so long. 

Today Justice's CDE let me know that his celiac and thyroid panel were all normal---yay---or crap?

We still have NO idea what is causing the tummy issues. Lows are better, and so is gas, but now we have stool issues.

Yes. TMI ahead.

The other night my baby was in the bathroom for almost 2 hrs hunched over in pain.

His stool looks like oatmeal or as my homegirl Wendy put it, "sawdust".

Sometimes you can see the food is not digested.

As someone who suffers from FOUR food allergies (wheat, gluten, dairy and CORN), I have seen this before.

I know something is wrong.

Luckily our amazing endo agrees. She has set up an appt for J at the GI doctor in 2 weeks. My understanding is she is pushing for a scope, because labs do not always detect celiac till much later.

So we are still in the same place minus the lows, and stink.

While I of course do NOT want my baby to have celiac, I really want an answer other than "IBS".

Hopefully we are almost there.....


Joanne said...

Sorry you have no answers, but hopefully the GI doc will help. How frustrating... sending you HUGS!

Jess said...

sorry things have been so rough for you guys lately. love you! <3

Reyna said...

Ah Man Lex...so sorry that you still don't have any answers. Thinking of you and J...xo

Anonymous said...

Hope there is some other answer than IBS or Chrons also... and there can be more benign, temporary problems. I am so sorry J is in pain. I'm sure the GI will be able to diagnose what is wrong. Waiting for the appointment is the hard part; hope J does not remain uncomfortable until then. J sounds like a real trooper. Hang in there until the GI appointment.

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Boy, how frustrating! Poor Justice!

I'm so glad that your endo. is ON THE BALL. It's a blessing to have an endo. so educated on celiac.

Please tell Justice we're praying for him.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Poor little dude. Let him know one of his Amigos is thinking of him and that the docs will figure it out soon.

Tell him to be brave, strong, and patient because the docs have to explore many possibilities before they find the right answer.

And tell him I'm proud of him!

Princess LadyBug said...

Poor honey!! I hope they get this figured out soon. I know first hand that it sucks living in limbo between you KNOW something is wrong, but have no idea what it is.

((((((Big Hugs))))))

Love y'all!

Holly said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. : ( Bless his heart-I can only imagine the pain. I hope they figure it out. I know how you feel-"normal" doesn't give you any answers.
Does he eat applesauce? The pectin helps form good stools-my son has awful poop, no answers there either. But if we see squish, we go to applesauce, and it helps. I know it's not the answer you need, but maybe just for now? Let us know what you find out.

Jessica said...

We also have Type 1 & GI issues in our family. Email me if you want to email further via my blog...wasn't sure how to email you.
Take care & hope he's feeling better.

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