Friday, December 16, 2011

JDRF Walk 2011

How did I miss posting on this?! I swear there are NOT enough hours in the day.

As many of you know this was my first year as the JDRF Family Walk chair and it was amazing! I truly adore our JDRF chapter, they have done so much for my family, I love them.

To go into full deets would take forever so here's the short story.

We had about 20 walkers and met our goal of $1000! I am very happy with that. Our chapter together raised $560,000!!

For. A. Cure.

That makes my heart swell with happiness!

This years walk was especially awesome because we focused a lot on awareness.

There were buttons given out with facts about Type 1 Diabetes, and all the volunteer's shirts had them as well.


This is also where I got to display my faces of Diabetes project! So thank you to everyone who participated, it was an amazing thing to honor you all at our walk.

Oh! And Justice and fellow Youth Ambassador cut the ribbon again this year, so cool!

We also got to hang with Rachael from Life with Elyssa, and Type 1 Diabetes! (I love her btw!)

There's are so many more details but I am beat! So I will leave you with some amazing pics.

Happy BGS!


Jen said...

Great pics and I love the t-shirts!!

Princess LadyBug said...

I didn't know it was your first year as Family Walk chair. Wowser! You handled it like a pro!

Mom will be here on Wednesday & I can't wait to show her all the pictures posted here & on FB of the boys in their shirts & capes. :D

Love y'all!!

lukesdday said...

Walk chair how cool! Sounds like it was wildly successful - and from the pictures, a great event for super heroes.

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