Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Anatomy of a D-Mom.

There is so much more to us D-Moms than meets the eye.

Consider this D-Mom class 101.

The Brain : Used to calculate radical mathematic equations and factors in order to properly dose a (imperfect, dangerous at times) hormone, all while assessing everyday factors that may change at any moment. Normally done by a working pancreas.

The Heart : Open, always accepting, never judging. Loving each and everyone of you. Unconditionally. Giving all she has to her child, and family. Never giving up, never accepting defeat, driven by passion, fueled by love and operating on all the hope and beauty she sees in her children.

The Eyes : Used to spot the shakes, sweats, dilated pupils, pale skin, wobbly legs caused by a low blood sugar, or to spot an irritated, distracted, frustrated, nauseated child who is experiencing a tummy ache due to a high blood sugar.

The Ears : To hear Cgms alarming, pumps beeping, children screaming my site came out, or I'm looooooow. Always listening for the ring of a cell phone during school hours. Also used to listen to fellow members of the DOC, whenever needed.

The Nose :  Used to sniff out the insulin that is dripping from a faulty site, which if not remedied quickly can cause ketones, DKA and take a turn for the worse rapidly.

The Mouth : Used to speak up, advocate, give words of encouragement, rally the troops and fight for all of the community. Can also be used to holler at hubby for a juice at 3am from the bedroom.

Shoulders : Used to allow others to rest their head, to lean on, to comfort and give support to those in need.

Arms : To lift up when feeling defeated by D, to hug a low/high child and let them know they are never alone, and we will always be there. To give virtual hugs over blogs, twitter, FB, at all times of the night.

Hands : Used to change sites, sensors, cartridges, batteries, log numbers, check blood sugar, administer glucagon, wake a sleeping child, weigh foods, and all else food, carb, life saving related.

Fingers : To blog, tweet, FB, text, IM and all other forms of communication used to push forth our efforts not only to support one another but to advocate on behalf of all those living with and affected by Diabetes.

Elbows : Used to knudge spouse to get up, its his turn to check a bg, or we just are too tired and need their assistance.

Stomach : One cannot have a weak stomach when dealing with Diabetes. Your stomach will turn, it will hurt, it will feel uneasy waiting for that number on the glucometer at 1am, or when the endo gives you that "dreaded" A1C.

Legs : To walk. March. Run. Bike ride. For a cure. For awareness. Also used to march onto the steps of congress, city halls, etc fighting for our children, and loved ones affected by Diabetes.

Knees : Used to kneel down and pray. Anytime of the day or night, when we need G-D to hear our prays for a CURE. Can also be used to check a blood sugar on a playing child or to pick up strips off the floor.

Feet : Used to rock some kick ass Blue Heels (shoes) in an effort to advocate and show support for the community.  Used to stand up and say "INVISIBLE NO MORE". To honor those living with Diabetes, who from the outside may look "fine" but are everyday fighting within.

We use every part of our body, every minute of everyday.

You may not be able to see it, but like Diabetes, its there.....


Tracy1918 said...

Very creative post and oh, so true....

Hallie Addington said...

Love it! Love you!!

LuvMyElyssa said...

Such a great post. LOVE IT!!! :)

Misty said...

That is great! Love it.

Holly said...

That was awesome! Yep, like Transformers, we are more than meets the eye. ; ) Hugs!

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