Sunday, January 22, 2012

On The Right (GI) Track...


Justice's labs were negative for celiac as many of you know, but our endo wanted to do a scope to be certain.

We met with the GI doctor last week, and OMG I love him. He not only asked about J but about MY issues, saying sometimes these things are genetically linked.

He asked if J's Diabetes was under control (hate that word) and I gave my normal response "Well as you know Justice has type 1 diabetes, insulin is controlled isn't the word I use but we manage it pretty good! His A1C was 6.5". I waited for the response I usually get from everyone besides our endo "hmm that's a high A1C". The I explain well its not "normal" hence...the diabetes!

But he turned around, patted J on the back and said "good job!". 
Score points for him.

We then started talking scope, he said if he doesn't have to do something invasive he rather not. He explained that there is a blood test that actually tests for the genetic markers for celiac, he said its very accurate, and a lot of GIs don't suggest it because its pricey as is all genetic testing.

We even talked about stool samples which can be used to test for celiac as well.

So tomorrow we head to the lab for the genetic marker test (lamens terms), and take it from there.

He suggested some Fiber pills for J as well, saying that could be a source of his issues. We eat tons of fruits and veggies, but apparently the fiber pills can help balance the fiber so there's no gas or diahrrea.

I have started a low residue diet , and have put J on a conservative low res diet and so far...much better!

Seems I passed on my *shit* to him.....sorry couldn't resist.

So here we are, prayers appreciated!

I am headed to NY in Feburary for extensive testing with a nutrionist as well,  hoping to get some answers. (Email me if you wanna come to our DOC meet up!)

So as my BPFF says... "keep calm and carry on".


Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

I'll be praying for you both Lexi. I pray that you finally get answers!

LuvMyElyssa said...

Let me know that doctors name. We have lots of stomach issues with Elyssa too. I keep asking to be sent to a specialist but they don't so I am changing Pediatricians next month. :)

Reyna said...

Praying for you and yours Lex...and I just talked to Dave and I think I can swing the meet-up on the 21st. What hotel are the "out-of-towners" staying at?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear he is negative so far; hope the next test also comes back negative. Whatever the digestive issue is, I hope it is minor. Good news so far!

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