Saturday, January 28, 2012

We Lead The Way.........

A Cure vs Awareness.


Both are needed, both go hand in hand.


Well here is how I see it.

The media keeps pushing that diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle can PREVENT AND OR CURE diabetes.


While SOME cases of Type 2 can be affected by lifestyle (so many other factors are relevent) that is NOT the end all be all in reasons for type 2 diabetes, and it isn't a factor at all in type 1.

How do I know?  My father, who is thin, active, and eats healthy was diagnosed type 2 with a fasting bg of 200.

My 9 year old son as you all know was diagnosed with Type 1 with a bg of 510, and he was thin and still is.


If the world continues to think no carb diets and a treadmill are going to prevent and cure diabetes of ANY kind, we will NEVER see a cure.

Why would we?

Diet and exercise is cheap! We can do that on our own, who needs a bona-fide cure!?

So awareness leads the road.

Facts. Myth busting. Our stories. Our childrens stories. Support.

If we continue to play the blame game of T1. Vs T2, JDRF vs. DRI, Awareness vs a Cure we will never get where we need to be.

We will never get the attention, respect and support that we need to reach our goal of a cure.

I want a Cure more than anything in the world, health is most important to me, for all of my family, my type 1 son AND my type 2 Husband.

I have recently heard close family members say "some case of diabetes can be cured naturally, and weaned off insulin".

While of course this breaks my heart and makes me want to drop more F bombs than normal,  I don't.  I keep educating.  I keep advocating. I continue blogging, sharing YOUR blogs, your tweets.

Reaching one person, and helping them see the truth about this disease is huge.

For they will inevitably reach one person, and the domino effect will continue.

I believe a cure will come. I believe I will be standing with the best of them (Penny, Laura, Wendy, Dana, Diane, Lori, Stacey, Gina, Susan, Tony, Scott, Mike, Liz, to name a few),  and we will know that our endless efforts contributed in some way to where we are.

So we must stop the fighting, the blaming , and the this vs that, or us vs them.

Turn your platform into a stepping stone to a higher platform, if you believe in your mission, it can be done.

So I will advocate day in and day out, until my fingers blister, mouth is dry and feet are bruised from my 6 inch Blue stillettos.

I am grateful to be doing so alongside YOU.

Celebrate With Us!