Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Now Hiring.....

Being a (non or working) parent is exhausting enough.

School. Homework. Baths. Lectures. Chores. Hygeine. Sibling referee. Mentor. Chef. Hiney wiper. Dog tamer. Counselor. And so much more but my mush of brain can't think...

Add in nurse. Endo. CDE. RN. Insulin doser. Site changer. Dex calibrator. Basal adjuster. Bolus thinker. Low advisor. High ass kicker. And did I mention there is no shifts? Nope. This is a morning, noon, evening, graveyard job. With no breaks or calling out. Never. Ever.

Even if you work outside the home...yup. Nurse calls, child texts, constant worrying. Counting carbs and coming up with course of action for gym and track while managing a merchant account for your "otha job"..that shit ain't easy.

By the way there's no sleep.  And growth spurts or sickness? Well that requires overtime. No additional pay but extra hours are available.

Oh and one on one adult time? Well it gets interuppted. Yea nothing like a beeping CGM to kill the mood.

Don't get me wrong the employer (CWD) is amazing. They make the job worth it every minute of everyday, but this shit ain't easy.

Did I say that?

Sometimes I repeat things by mistake.

I guess saying "check you sugar/dex" 15x a day gets you into that habit.

There's no preparing for this job. Mentally and physically its exhausting and you have to be IN it to WIN it.

And even then somedays it gives you a swift kick in the ass!

(Insert F bomb here).

While Diabetes doesn't offer insurance or a 401unk, it does come with the best co-workers ever.

My crew is amazing.

Moms, dads, people living with the D...they all kick ass and make the job a little easier and even sometimes a blessing.

But we could all use a break. Especially my baby...and hers....and his...and them.

Anyone know of a functioning pancreas in need of work?

Hiring. NOW.


Scott Strange said...

you're and awesome mom!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

AMEN, sista!
love it!!

Rachael said...

Love this.. can so relate.. and sometimes the f-bomb is def required!

Anonymous said...

Functioning pancreas in need of work, LOL. Don't I wish! Adding full time work to this heavy load is insane. We do what we have to do and you do it better than most.

Wendy Rose said...

LOVE IT! Keep that position open indefinitely -- I'll be happy to interview any candidates you deem unqualified!

sfincham said...

Love, Love, Love this!!!

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