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Beautifully Aware - A Guest Post by Cari

As usual I have to keep my intro short and sweet as my laptop keeps freezing, and my cell keyboard is messed up.

I met Cari almost 2 years ago on my second home aka DOC flooded twitter. She is as sweet as can be and a dedicated Dmama!

She is also very talented. Last night was our JDRF Gala I already knew a few weeks back that I wanted to be decked out in Blue to rep Diabetes to the fullest & it was Blue Friday!

But I knew it was missing something...I have a gorgeous  piece I won from my awesome friend Cherise for my Blue Friday submission, a Blue WDD circle necklace that Cari made...but I wanted something BIG and. BOLD...that's so me right? Well she delivered! And the proceeds go to. JDRF, doesn't get any better!

But before you get to the pics meet the wonderful Dmom and advocate Cari....


My name is Cari and I am a D-mom. Many of us have similar stories to tell. So I'll be brief with mine. My son Nate was 8 yrs old and showing signs of what we thought were the flu. It was on for a week,one day he was fine, the next not so much. Nate's pediatrician was on vacation, so we called the on call Dr. We told her the symptoms, she said 'it's the flu' so we waited another week. The day our regular Pediatrician returned he got us into his office right away. He took one look at Nate, asked us a bunch of questions, told us he was positive Nate had Diabetes and sent us across the street for blood work. The results came back of a fasting BG of 542, with Nate in full blown ketoacidosis and off to Albany Med we went, into Pediatric ICU for 3 days. The worse 3 days of my life, as everything went past me in a blur. Again, a story very similar to many D-moms.

Fast forward a year, when Nate and my husband started bonding over video games together. Leaving me with some quality time for myself. Soon I was bored out of my mind. My best friend asked me to come over and help her make some stretch breast cancer bracelets to help sell for a Cancer Walk she was participating in. I kept saying to myself 'wow this is fun, but I bet I can do more than these stretchy things' And after that, I was on a mission to teach myself to make different kinds of jewelry. As you can see from my shop here

Shortly after a member of DOC contacted me thru Twitter and asked me if I could make a WDD necklace. I must confess,I didn't know what the WDD circle was, so I did what I always do when I don't know something...I Googled it. I took a look at the circle and put my thinking cap on and came up with this, my very first WDD circle necklace I realized at that moment I didn't want to make money from this, so I told her that I would donate the profit to JDRF. Which then got me thinking, why not start making bracelets to add to the WDD necklace. Next thing I know another member of DOC does a post on my necklace after she bought it and they were selling like crazy. Little by little I've added pieces by request, from unicorn bracelets and necklaces, to cupcakes and another version of the WDD necklace plus matching earrings. Everything can be seen here

I continue to donate all the profits of the Diabetes Awareness Jewelry to JDRF. It's all about awareness for me. Maybe someone will see a pretty blue circle necklace (or another piece) and comment on it, which opens up a 'conversation' for me to spread the word about Diabetes. Of course I hope my donations help find a cure too.

To date there are 95 pieces of my Diabetes Awareness Jewelry out there. Thank you Alexis for letting me tell my story and show the pieces and thanks to you for the custom request of your BIG BLING WDD Necklace :) PS...look out for new items coming soon!

Interested in one- of- a- kind custom jewelry? Check out my site CARIA Jewelry

I will be participating in D-Blog week BUT since I don't have a working computer posting pics is easiest soooo awesome Karen has allowed me to do each post represented in a picture! Stay tuned!!

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Joanne said...

Love the pics... sorry I am so behind on your blog. I had no idea everything that you're going through.

Ugh, so sorry. I can't even imagine the suckitude of it all. You are one strong Mama and an amazing example of perserverance.

Love you Lexi!

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