Monday, July 9, 2012

Vegas, Friend for Life

So I didn't make it to FFL, and to say I was bummed would be a complete understatement.

I cried. I was so happy for everyone who went don't get me wrong but I actually missed these people who I have never met before. Crazy huh? Not really. They have been my back bone, my friends, family, my shoulder to cry on, friend to laugh with and partner on D crime for the last few years.

I am so honored to know these people through my computer, and I believe I will get to meet them and let them know just how much they mean to me very soon.

This week I had a D-cation of my own.

About I don't know how many months ago Hallie (the amazing Hallie) sent me a link and email address to a D mom who had found her blog, and had a recently diagnosed daughter.

She lived in Vegas so naturally Hallie thought of me!

I immediately reached out to her and we emailed back and forth and facebooked each other for a while.

We finally got to meet at the JDRF walk but it was so brief as I was super busy :(.

But we stayed in contact thought text and Facebook.

And finally a get together and then another.

Then there was this weekend which was epic.

My AC went out and I had to stay at a hotel for a night as it is 114 degrees in Vegas.

Well my Dmama friend and her most gorgeous lil type 1 joined us.

To have that same same, to have the kids see each others Dexcoms and meters and feel safe is an amazing feeling.

We laughed because we could never tell right away who's Dex was going off, or who left the strip on the floor.

Her daughter is younger than J and watching him check her bg, support her during a site change and just get it when she is high or low is a feeling that I can't explain.

The next day we spent up in the mountains for a picnic that she was so amazing for inviting us to.

They checked together, calibrated together, counted carbs together, took insulin together (J is on a pump break more on that later).

Justice and her walked hand in hand, Dex sensors side by side.

Some would've seen the marks left by diabetes but this particular day all I could see was the beauty.

I am so glad to have met Racheal and today I thank Diabetes for my "Friend for Life".

Love you Chica!

***This week I get to meet a friend who lives in my computer. No hints but I will say its going to be wonderful!**


Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Just precious! How wonderful to meet up with other dmoms!

Kelly said...

How sweet! I loved seeing your sweet boy taking care of such a sweet little girl! Nothing quite like living same, same!

LuvMyElyssa said...

I'm so fortunate I was able to call/text you for help this year when Elyssa was sick, throwing up or with high Ketones and nurses didn't even know what to do.
Others would've just sat there during Elyssa's failed site or failed insulin fiasco on Sat. but you just jumped right in & helped me. Also, I'm so glad Elyssa will have a D-hero like Justice to look up to and be able to talk to when she needs to have a same same conversation. We love you guys!

Scott K. Johnson said...

We sure did miss you guys at FFL, but I am so glad to hear that you had a magical time back home.

The pics make me smile. :-)

Sara said...

What a great story! It's totally about making those connections no matter where you are.

And where I am going to be tomorrow is pretty wonderful! :)

Princess LadyBug said...

These pics just made my day. I kept checking my phone to see if you'd posted a new one yet. :)

Love you guys! And tell J that I think he's pretty freaking cool.

And give that Wonderful One a big ol' hug from me. :)

Reyna said...

Tears! Love how supportive J is. He is such a sweet heart ... like his mom.

Karen said...

Your words are just as beautiful as the pictures!! I think sometimes it doesn't matter how big or small the "event" is, when ever two people with diabetes are together there is magic!! :)

Hallie Addington said...

Awwww~ Thanks for the love!

I am SO GLAD that you guys have hooked up and hit if off! It's so nice having a D Mama close by and seeing the kids together - its the sweetest thing ever! I LOVE how caring Justice is with her! These kids have a connection - just like their parents do! So glad you were able to enjoy some D-cation time with another awesome D Mama!

Now... to get US together....! :) SOON!

shannon said...


Celebrate With Us!