Friday, August 10, 2012

Guest post: from Justice, low.

Diabetes just messed up my life today.It made me think I was low when I was not.It made me so Mad!!!!!! I couldn't even say a word!;(.Then I was perfect-o , Beep!!!!!!Beep!!!!! dexcom alarms that I'm low and dad said" check your sugar". I check my sugar and it is 56 and I feel like throwing a fit. And that is why I am writing this now.
The End


Marcy A. said...

I know how you feel, J. There are times when I just want to throw my meter across the room and scream. There are also times that I cry because thinking about D and all that we go through and will have to go through in the future. You are not alone buddy. Big hugs! ♥

Sara said...

I know exactly what you mean J! It gets so frustrating sometimes.

Do you like to dance like your brother? This song starts out a little slow, but the chorus is fun to dance to. Shake it out!!!

Mike Hoskins said...

Can't stand those, J!! Frustrating... but then of course, then I get to enjoy a juicebox or some Skittles... so it helps a little! Best your way, J!

Scott K. Johnson said...

J - lows blow.

Your d-amigo, Scott.

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