Monday, August 6, 2012

What It Is To Me...

I would consider myself an advocate, an amateur blogger, an avid (when I can) tweeter , an advanced-probably needs a break-facebooker and a member of the most elite group I know of.. the D.O.C.

But what does that really mean?

For me, for you, for her, and him?

This conversation has come up many times, but this weekend it was THE topic on a lot of social media outlets.

First let me say this is not a I am right and you are wrong kind of post, none of my posts are; unless you are telling me that sugar caused Justice’s diabetes, then yea.

To me, or for me, being an advocate doesn’t have much really to do with my online activities. Sometimes it does, certain blog posts, certain links I post for people to help support JDRF or other diabetes related endeavors, but  mostly not.

See most of my friends online are advocates too, each of in our own way. So they already get “it”. They don’t need to see the symptoms of type 1, or be explained (well some do, let’s be honest) that type 2 is NOT just a change your diet kind of disease. It’s the people who don’t live in my computer, the ones I sit with at work, those I go out and have a drink with, or meet in the pharmacy that NEED to know.

It’s reaching out past those who are doing the same thing we are. Spreading D facts, and busting myths for our entire community not just “the type my kid has”.

And not everyone wants to get out there and do that, or be that voice in their community. They are more comfortable being with “their own” online, and that’s OK too! In some ways being part of the D.O.C is an even bigger responsibility.

It’s also a different line of thinking.

Being part of the D.O.C , for ME, means endless love  and support, no judgment, being on the receiving end of a text at 2 am when a friend can’t get their bg up or a new D mama isn’t sure how to handle ketones. It means sometimes listening more than speaking, letting that person who is feeling like their world is doomed from a diagnosis of diabetes know that they are not doomed, that they are not alone and that THEY CAN DO THIS.

Being there for someone else means just that.

I am part of the D.O.C well of course because I love having that sense of same same with my fellow D-Mamas, or hearing from a PWD that it will be ok, and yes that is normal for any kid. But I am also here to do that for someone else. To be their sense of hope and same same.

With anything in this world you have to give to get.

The D.O.C is a place of magic (cue Sara & Kim’s video for Sugar, or the endless #bgnow pictures Kim influenced for my sweet friend Kate), it’s a place that proves there are still good people in this world, who will have your back no matter what.

It can only grow more and more each day…..if we all contribute just as much as we take.

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Scully said...

advocacy is really whatever you make it. It's even a state of mind.

this is great!

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