Monday, October 1, 2012

#No D Day 2012 -repost

I love No D Day, I do. It is a day created by one of my favorite people ever, George aka Ninjabetic aka awesomeness! Wish I could link but my app sucks!

It's a day to discuss things other then D. I won't even say the word.

I've been going through a lot and I was looking back at my past posts for inspiration, when I read this one I knew I had to repost it. As I am going through the exact same thing right now, except my age has changed. So with a few small edits, it's perfect.

So here it goes:


Hi. I'm Alexis. 30 years old born 6/15/82 in the best state and borough. YUP! Brooklyn, New York. Living in Vegas for last 5 years and I don't always love it.

I have been with the love of my life, my soul mate Terrence aka Biggah (he's 6'8) for 11 years and married for 6. We have two gorgeous boys Justice 9 and Synsyre 7. I love being a wife and mother. I was destined to have this man and these children. I know it.

I am a fabulous cook.

I dress my ass off, I thrift shop and I rock it.

I can dance like a video vixen ;).

I love taking pics, singing, and burping with my kids.

I watch the Kardashians.

I am the biggggggggest Kanye West fan. YUP. No shame either. I LOVE HIM!

I am also a HUGE Jay-z head. YUP. Brooklyn stand up! ;)

Hip Hop moves me, completes me and makes me feel whole.

I think Marilyn Monroe was the sexiest women to ever live.

I love everything Betsey Johnson.

I have been told I have a heavy Bklyn accent, we tawk normal so I don't know.

I am OCD, a neat freak and a control freak.

I have 12 tattoos and hope to get more. YUP.

I hate when people say "You had your kids young!" Yes, I was 19 with J, and I am a kick ass mom. Always have been never put my kids on anyone and always did for myself. Age has nothing to do with it. (Not that I condone 16 year olds getting pregnant).

I suck the boogers out of my kids nose with a straw when they're sick.

I love FRIENDS. Have seen every episode, own board games, memorabilia books, and dvds. Obsessed? Yes.(Shout out to Meri, love you!)

I do an amazing Marisa Tomei impression as Mona Lisa Vito from My Cousin Vinny. (Fav movie)

I am a Brat pack addict. St Elmos Fire and Breakfast Club are my other favorite movies.

I have pretty feet.

I take pics of myself when no ones looking.

My house is filled with pics of my kids, hubby, me and family.

I've had the same two best friends since 9th grade.

My sisters and I are not related.

My brothers are half brothers.

I am impatient, emotional, and hate when shit doesn't get done on my clock.

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I will open my heart to everybody and anybody and always go the extra mile.

I cry for any and everything.

I am not to be f*cked with. I will go ape shit for those I love.

I curse like a sailor.

I have low self esteem.

I am a hypochondriac.

I am broke.

I lost my job.

I am overwhelmed.

I am exhausted.

This is me. Real. Raw, and uncensored. Ha! Seriously there's so much more to me then a D-mom, thanks George helping me remember that.


George said...

You know what, you are still as awesome as ever!! Thanks for the post! See you soon! MARCH!!!

Colleen said...

I find you to be an amazing, strong woman.

Kelly said...

Hmmm...I'd swear you are a Virgo cuz you are a lot like me! Thanks for telling you like you really are! Great no D post!

Princess LadyBug said...

You are simply the most amazing & sexy woman alive! I am in awe of you, daily. You rock EVERYTHING you do with such style that you leave us all breathless. You are beautiful inside & out. And I love more than anyone should love someone they have never met in person. Really. I'm sure it's unhealthy, but I don't care. :P

Also, my Mommy had me at 19 & she rocked motherhood pretty damn well too. Although she says you have got her beat in that department because me & bubba were mostly healthy. :)

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

love ya, girl!!

Joanne said...

Loved reading this... Although the booger thing? A little grossed out. Am I the only one? Anyone?


You still rock in my book.

Sara said...

Anyone who follows you on Instagram knows about your self-photography "secret"! LOL!

Love ya!

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