Monday, November 19, 2012

#DBlessings Week -Family

This week is DBlessings week, which is an awesome initiative which was started by my friend Mike of My Diabetic Heart (

This week we turn to discussing how Diabetes has blessed our lives, I know say what!?

But the truth is my life is richer in many ways because of D.

Truthfully it's not the disease itself but the people that that also live with it.

They are amazing.

Each one.

Adult with D, child with D, parent or caregiver of, wife or husband of.

The people who run JDRF and other like organizations.

All beautiful hearts, and wonderful friends.

So I write this letter to them:

I was lost, wandering through an endless stream of worries.

Feeling scared and unsure of why this had happened.

My child would never be the same, all our lives changed forever.

Angry, and sad I didn't know what else to do but push through, and cry in bed each night.

I found you when I needed you most. When friends turned their backs on me because of D.

You saved us, you showed us the beauty in this ugliness.

You showed me how to smile again.

How to not let D stand in our way.

You empowered me.

I am the D mom I am because of YOU.

I have learned not how to cope but to live with D.

My son is stronger because of you.

Never alone.

Always a friend.

Always a hug and kind word.

You are my family.

And I am thankful for D this week, because it brought me all of you.

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Mike Durbin said...

Thanks for participating in D Blessings Week!

Lots of love to you all!

Celebrate With Us!