Friday, November 9, 2012

#Dblog Day guest post by Justice

Taken straight from the gorgeous Gina, an amazing person with diabetes and my friend who happens to have had the most adorable and cuddly baby this week...(congrats mama!!!)

"**D-blog Day was started on November 9th, 2005 during Diabetes Awareness Month, to help unite diabetes bloggers and to create awareness about diabetes.

Hello Everyone,

In case you have never participated in D-Blog Day before, the entire DOC writes a blog post of similar topic that I come up with (or have help with from others) on their personal blogs and on the date of November 9th.

Here it is!!! Along with some directions!


Choose a form of Media Outlet to write an open letter to, such as NY Times, CNN, Local/National Newspapers, TV and why it is so important for them to let the world know that diabetes is more than just being overweight and having too much sugar. It is about reporting stories about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Let them know what kind of things you would like them to write about. If there are specific articles or reports they got wrong, let them know about it! Let’s get it right!

Twitter Hashtag #dblogday:

Justice decided to write a letter ( with done editing help from mama) to his best friend Kevin and I thought who better to spread awareness to to, than a person who you spend so many hours of the day with.

While we are breaking the rules and not writing to a newspaper or media figure I found it interesting who he thought educating was most important at his age...

Take it away Justice!

Dear Kevin, my Star Wars buddy

Since you have taught me so much about basketball and Star Wars and all that, I wanna teach you about Type 1 Diabetes.

Diabetes is when an organ called the pancreas all of a sudden stops working.

Pancreas is important because it gives you insulin, insulin is used to turn all of your food into energy for you body.

It's not contagious. You cannot get it from what you eat.

It is an autoimmune disease that means it could happen to anybody, my body attacked my pancreas!

I have to wear a small machine called an insulin pump and when I eat I press some buttons and viola insulin comes out. When I'm not eating I still get insulin all day because I need a small amount every hour for everything I do.

I would die without insulin.

Also you have to check your blood sugar.

To check my blood sugar I use a small thing called a meter, and a strip, I put it in meter and I have to prick my finger with a small needle and put the blood inside of the strip and then the numbers comes up.

Then there is something called candy, I'm sure you've heard of it smarties,
lemon heads,and lollipops now all these can save my life (and they have). I need them when my sugar is low, my sugar can go low from too much insulin in my blood or activity. But I don't want you to worry I can still play!

Then there is high blood sugar. That's when there is too much sugar in my blood.

Now at school when I have to go to the you will know why. If u have any more questions just ask.

P.s would you like to control the dark force or the good force?

Your buddy, Justice

*Justice will be printing this with edits and sharing with his class for WDD :)


Colleen said...

Great letter, Justice!

Scott K. Johnson said...

This is awesome, Justice! Way to go amigo!

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