Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Finding Normal...

Wow, I haven't blogged in so long and I think people have stopped reading my blog, which makes have a sad.

It started because I was locked out of blogger which is why I didn't write at first, ( and haven't been able to access my blog reading list and comment as me, preventing me from reading blogs i love) but then I realized I haven't had much to write about.

Why is that?


I feel normal.

Not in all aspects of my life, but at least when it comes to Diabetes. I never ever thought I would say that.

The pain I had when I first started blogging just isn't there anymore.

Wait. Rewind. Rephrase. I feel pain, I still hate when J is low and says he can't feel his legs, or ketones are so bad his tummy hurts. But I don't feel the same hollow sorrow I did throughout the day.

Diabetes has become part of our normal.

I have learned to accept that it is here to stay. Shit I mean I pray for a cure everyday, and have dedicated my volunteer time to JDRF because I believe it will happen someday, but until it does I will not let it steal my joy ( Thanks for that Wendy!).

My son will live, thrive, smile, play, be happy, and not despite diabetes but with it and some days because of it.

So I haven't blogged, I haven't needed to empty my emotions on here like I used.

Which is good I guess.

But I feel like I've abandoned a baby.

So I'm going to try my best to blog once a week about diabetes related joys, activities, and what I'm doing with JDRF.

Because that is our new normal and I have finally accepted it.


Kelly said...

Normal is amazing!Its a long road to acceptance, but it sure feels good when we get there. ((HUGS)) I feel ya!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Thanks for sharing your insight.

sky0138 said...

i hear is so bizarre to me sometimes how diabetes doesn't affect my emotions like it did in years prior. Except for this week I guess...LOL...this week was not good. Thanks for sharing this post!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yay! This is good! Hang on to this feeling for as long as you can. :-)

shannon said...

this made me smile! congrats on getting there. :)

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