Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Survived.....

 Both my babies are home, and snuggled in bed. It's amazing how people think I can sleep because J isn't here to check. The worry and internal alarm still goes off, and I honestly slept less than I do when he's home. I feel whole again. - don't judge me, it's just who I am, and how I am. 

Back to J, he went. He laughed, he played, he's skated, he went low, he rebounded high, he temp basaled, he bolused, he did it all. I will add that his friends mom is wonderful; so she really helped keep an eye on things, particularly while they slept.

I survived. We all did. S enjoyed his time alone with me and I can't lie, I enjoyed it just as much.

But this little trial brought about some anxiety. 

At camp? There is no checking in, there is no texting, calling to say gnite, or tell me how much fun he is having. More importantly there is no, "hey, he is SAFE".

Right now that is my next challenge, getting through those 4 days/3 nights of camp.

I may need some hand holding when the day comes.

But I digress.....

HUGE thanks to Trish, the awesome D mom who took care of my boy as her own, and to JDRF for organizing another wonderful youth ambassador social. By the way they had matching 117s to start and 318 and 319 to finish doh! But the smile and happiness in his face when he came home made every moment worth it 100 times over! 

* Photo credit: Js cell phone *

* photo credit: Dmom Trish

* photo credit: Dmom Trish *

This was something I thought I would never do, and if you have been reading my blog for a while, you know about my separation anxiety and J's. This was the kid who wouldn't play laser tag at his first JDRF social 4.5 years ago without me, how far we have come! 



Mike Lawson said...

At camp there may be no "hey, he is safe" text...but there will certainly be trained medical professionals keeping an eye on him, and you will get a "there's a problem" message if it comes up. :)

Sara said...

Yes, but at camp he is watched by medical professionals. Trust me, he will love it and it will be an awesome break for the rest of you.

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