Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let go, and Trust.

J is independent. He is doing it. He is owning it. I was scared to lose control of every number, bolus, and decision. 

Buuuuut looks like he is going to so just fine.

*** a conversation with Bob, Mike and Kerri M. inspired me to start blogging again. I don't have the time or sometimes coherency to write full out posts, so I decided on a pic a day (or every other) with a small caption. Some failures, some victories, some worries and some just because.

Thanks for reading as always.  


Joanne said...

Glad you're back... Miss my d-mamas!

Sara said...

"Because I've been high long enough" Love it!

Karen said...

Fantastic!! Both J owning this D and you blogging again. :)

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