Friday, March 21, 2014

Waiting Game

Day 2 - I think I can do this photo blog thing, it works with my hectic schedule and lack of sleep brain.

Oh yea sleep. Remember that time you yanked your kids sensor cause it was wrinkling and starting to smell like sweat, stuck it on the couch, then couldn't find it, then realized the dog had it in his mouth and dropped it somewhere, and it's now 10pm so you gotta stay up for calibration, cause you never hear those low alerts for enter two bgs?

And of course bg was 150 so sleep would have been glorious...

Thank you "FRIENDS" reruns for keeping me up.

"Could this sensor take any longer to start up?!". Chandler if had the betes


Sara said...

I want to take some Windex to your Tallygear! :P

Alexis Nicole said...

Haha it was actually just the angle, no case and it was clean - well till J gets it back :P

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