Wednesday, April 16, 2014


J was awarded a scholarship for camp through our local JDRF. He was eligible because he is a Youth Ambassador, and has performed the necessary hours volunteering for JDRF. There were some other requirements as well, and an essay explaining why you deserve/want to go was part of the application as well.

I would like to share with you all part of the essay, the part that after I read it, made me realize my own fears and anxiety didn't mean anything. He NEEDED this, wanted this and deserved it.

As a parent letting go is sometimes the hardest thing to do....

Before I share his words, I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to our local JDRF. They have been an intricate part of our family since about a year after diagnosis. J has been blessed to be a Youth Ambassador for 4 years, and I have been fortunate to hold 2 different chair hats. JDRF not only raises money for a cure, and preventative research but they support and comfort those living with this disease. They give us hope and family. I truly love my local JDRF and wanted to publicly say THANK YOU for all you do, and for giving J this opportunity! 

J's words:

"Currently I am having problems with my sinuses, and breathing. I have to take many different medications that affect my blood sugar. I am also having more side effects, when I am low, than I used to. I am now getting nauseous, headaches, and I feel like its hard for me to think. 

When I have a high sugar, I start to get bad anxiety, and start to cry about I want a cure, and to be normal. 

I feel like I NEED to go to diabetes camp, because I want to meet more type 1 diabetics, make more friends, and have fun while being with people just like me, who understand what I am going through. I wont feel so left out. I will also feel normal, being in an environment where people wont ask me what I am doing, or "what's that?". I wont have to deal with tons of questions, because everyone will know what I am doing, because they are just like me. We are all equals.  I also think I will learn more about whats going with my body, as  well as what its like to not have parents taking care of your disease but doing it all myself, and be more prepared for the future. I know how to change sites, cartridges, count carbs, bolus, etc but I would like to do those things independently, without my parents. I did not want to go to before because I was scared to be away from my parents, but now I am finally ready!"

- J age 11 diagnosed 10.21.08


Amanda said...

That's sweet. Kortnie feels that same way about going to camp, that and the fact that she gets to ride horses. LOL. This year she is going to her regular Camp AZDA for the third year, which is only about a 3 hour drive for us, and she is also going to Kentucky with Camp Soaring Eagle and JDRF. The KY camp is completly free! Freakin' Kentucky, on a plane, her first plane ride since diagnosis almost 5 years ago, and she is going without me! I am freaked out, but she is so excited and I logically know she'll be in good hands. 40 T1 kids from AZ are going, they will be fine and have a blast, but holy freakin' cow, she's going all the way across the country! The first year she went to D-Camp I was a mess all week, the 2nd year was much easier, this 3rd year I'm cool with it, but the Kentucky camp makes me want to throw up or stow away in her luggage. I'm glad that J was ready for camp, and I'm glad that you are being so brave and sending him, and I'm glad that he got a scholarship!

StephenS said...

I think this is really great, and proof positive that kids "get it" just as much as adults do. Thanks

Kim said...

I love this. I know he must be having a GREAT time, and I'm proud of you all. :)

Mike Hoskins said...

Very much love this, and am so glad J got the scholarship to help get him to camp. I really really wish I would've gone to camp more as a kid after my own dx'd; big regret. But happy to be involved now as an adult, and be able to see all the kids experiencing it and having a blast. Can't wait to hear about your man's experience there!

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