Friday, August 15, 2014

School accessories. - Medical ID

I am so excited for back to school... Said no Dmom EVER.

Truth is I am always a mess before 504 time, and somehow it always works out just fine.

J's D kit is packed and ready, his class containers with candy and snacks are packed, 504 is written, doctors orders signed.

But one thing that is always a headache is getting J to wear a medical ID.

So when I was approached by N-Style ID's to try out their medical ID and share my thoughts, I thought wow perfect timing!

Here's a little background info on them:  


Bissell Family PhotoToni Bissell, president and founder of N-Style ID, is an independent, creative powerhouse and a single mother of two teenage daughters who has an extensive background in health and fitness. She was working as a personal trainer at a Lake Tahoe gym when a sudden illness transformed her family forever. Her then 10 year old daughter, Camille, after a frightening week long stay in the hospital, was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. Toni's family focus, already health centered, became even more so. Camille and her mother worked to establish new patterns of eating; they learned how to administer insulin injections and how to check blood sugar many times a day. The impossible task was to find a medical ID bracelet a fashion-conscious young woman would wear.

It didn't take Toni long to realize that she was being called to help her daughter and others find medical alert jewelry that were fun to wear. Hence, N-Style ID was born.

 ---- ok so a D-mom run business?! I'm so down to test it out! 

I chose the camo bracelet for J, and I was a little hesitant as most bracelets are bulky and drive him nut.

It actually fits flush with the skin and is not bulky at all - he gladly put it on and DI NOT TAKE IF OFF! Normally he tells me nope won't wear it.

Overall I think the snap is a little delicate, so I would careful with littles taking it on and off themselves, and it was a little hard to adjust. But overall I am very happy with it.
Front side shows medical Id insignia, back of that has J's name, says Type 1 diabetes, insulin pump, call 911 and in case of emergency call - with my number.
I definitely urge everyone to check them out!
Medical IDs are extremely important and if you can find one that's comfortable and stylish, jump on it! 
--- J's review ----
"It's nice, it's comfortable, a little hard to adjust, really like the design. I think it's a good bracelet".

** DISCLAIMER: I was given a free medical ID in exchange for my review, but all thoughts are my own, and my sons. Not based on compensation**

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Misty said...

Love a Dmom run business too!! I'm going to have to check it out.

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