Misbehaving Artwork

Diabetes is part of our lives. 24/7. There is no break. It consumes every minute of our day and every inch of our home. We decided to have some fun with it. Below are either pictures of Diabetes activities, situations or supplies that we have made into our own creations.

Please note all artwork is available to purchase. All proceeds go to the cause of your choice. Either JDRF's research funding OR towards Justice's medical needs.

We also are excited to be part of Lee Ann's Diabetes Art Day! Please click the icon on the bottom right of our blog and enjoy her's as well, and see how you can be part of this movement!


Reyna said...

Sponge bob was hilarious!!! Love you and your son's creativity girl!

Laura said...

You are so fabulous!!

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Thanks Reyna! Total accident thats their placemat! Somehow a syringe got stuck, Synsyre kept adding em, and I just placed the meter there. Kinda cool though :)

Oh Laura, so are you!!!!!

The poor diabetic said...

Love the square pants too. A picture of perfection lol

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