Justices Diagnosis Story

This is Justice 2 days before we left to Ny and the nightmare began. He looked thinner but felt great but we thought he was just growing...This was also his 6th birthday. 

This is Justice the day we arrived in NY, he was very thirsty and peeing alot but that was it...he was so excited to be coming to NY to celebrate his birthday. 

This is Justice later that night, looking more frail, and thin. He was drinking and peeing alot but felt fine. The next day he said he felt just tired and his tummy hurt, we thought he had jet lag or a stomach bug. We were visiting friends, and he started getting nauseous. We decided to head back to my moms house.  He was up all night vomiting, and said he just wanted to lay down. We kept checking his temp nothing. Food poisoning we thought?  When he finally woke the next day after sleeping for almost 14 hours or so  he wouldn't get out of bed, was slurring his words and vomiting. We rushed to the ER and thats when our lives changed.


Justice went into DKA in less than 72 hours

 I originally wrote this two years ago shortly after we were sent home from the hospital...
As of most have you have already figured out or heard directly from us Justice was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes last week on 10/21/08 while on vacation in Ny. Basically he got sick the day after we landed and it looked mostly like jetlag and a tummy ache so we let him rest and treated him as we would have at home. He had no fever nothing.

Our 3rd day in Ny he slowly got worse he slept till 2 in the afternoon and when he woke I was expecting him to be alert and refreshed the night b4 he had vomited a few times and he was very thirsty and peeing a lot but we never thought this could be a serious issue. 20 hrs awake, a 6 hr flight and jet lag can mess anyone up especailly a child. When I did wake him he was anything but alert he couldn't talk correctly almost slurring and told me he couldn't walk. My first thought was its 40 degrees here and 87 in Vegas maybe his body went into shock..I called 911 and got him to the hospital. 

When we got there the nurse automatically asked me is he diabetic?? I said no! Now scared to death why she would ask me that. She said she could smell the ketones on his breath. That's the chemical that becomes released in the body of a diabetic when the body stops using the sugar as energy and starts eating the fat...this is very dangerous. Sure enough she took his sugar and it was 491.

 My heart literally stopped and fell into my stomach. I was so mad and scared at the same time. He wasn't fat he eats well he's active. Now came the part of admitting him to ICU a place I never though we would be that night. They started him on insulin and glucose it took a few hrs but slowly he started waking up and responding. Yo see your baby like that and there's nothing you can do is a life altering experience. Once the night came he was up alert and ready to draw, everyday would be rough as this was an adjustment and his insulin levels had tp be stabilized but he was better. Thank god.

I'll never forget this. "Mom I'm ok now, but did I almost die?"

This pic was after daddy broke down in the hallway. 

After some insulin and glucose, he was feeling like himself again.

Justice eating his first meal after being admitted to PICU.

The next day he was moved out of PICU into regular Peds where him, Biggah and I had 2 learn this whole new way of eating and living. But he was happy again, alert and really adjusting to everything. We went online found a doctor here for his return and other groups to join with other kids suffering the same way. Sleeping in the hospital for 6 days the nurses were great and even the volunteers. Who even lent us a pc to use to update family and find a doctor here in Vegas.

Me and Justice the day after he was released from the hospital

I thank god the staff there was so amazing, they made everything so easy and made all of us as comfortable as possible. We are finally back home and adjusting well I think but its still a shock and it still hurt us everytime we have to say no or stick his finger or inject him with meds. He doesn't cry or complain he is truly amazing in every sense of the word.

Justice and Synsyre 6mths after diagnosis 


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