My Poetry

Welcome to my personal collection of poetry, feel free to share any of these. All I ask is for artistic credit and a link back to my blog. Thank you, and enjoy!

"Have You Ever Wondered?"

I wonder how many times a day people think of other's before themselves, how many times a day people thank God for all they have, how many times a day people think before they speak and realize that other people's feeling do matter. 

How often do people really stop and think...could I do more, am I doing all I can, am I making a difference in the world?

There is more than meets the eye in day to day struggles.

More than you can imagine going on in that person's life. In their heart. In their mind.

Sometimes just a hello. A Hug. A smile can make all the difference.

I am here. I will stand with you. I will wipe your tears. I will be the shoulder you lean on, and the light you see at the end of the tunnel.

Just let me know....

What can I do?


Days are longer. 
Nights are endless.
 Insignificant moments to others are our nemesis.
 Burning eyes. 
Tossing and turning.
Waiting forthe calm after the storm.
Hoping to catch the light peaking out from the darkness. 
The smallest amount too large as the largest too small.
 Poking and prodding away at the innocence they know. 
Racing thoughts, accumulated worries,repercussion sinvisible to the outside world.
But we are here. 
Holding each other up when we dont know if we are going to fall ourselves. 
Hearts are heavy and with great hope we move on to another day. 
It will always be here.
We will always have to make room and time for it. 
It will always weigh heavy on our shoulders. 
But we will persevre. 
We will live. 
We will fight.
There is no other option.

"For New Travelers".

There is a road many know little of.

One they never think they will travel.

It's bumpy, and dark, and filled with chaos.

The trees are overgrown and the animals run wild.

You cannot see for sure where you stand; you only know this was not in your plans.

It is not a route you wish for, but one that decides it's your path.

I used to feel alone traveling this road, wondering who else was headed where I was.

As years passed the road became clearer.

The sun started to shine.

The road, you see, it wasn't just mine.

There are others beside me walking along, trying to make sense of what is not the norm.

I used to walk up this road feeling heavy and bleak, not uttering a word for who was I to speak?

I now see by my side, faces of those who have been where I have been and who will go where I go.

Together, we will be.

Laughter and love fill the air, there is joy in our hearts and no more despair.

For if not for this road, I would not have seen all the beautiful things right beside me.

Faces and lives I would never have known and friendships I know can't be outgrown.

For we take this journey together, hand in hand, knowing that this path must be GOD's plan.

I know one day there will be a new road, one we all can't wait to walk.

This road will set us free from the hurt and the pain; a hurt, a pain that if I had never known, I would not be the same.

I now don't see the dark and the sad; I see there is Hope even through bad.

If you end up on the road less traveled, remember it does take time to fix what's unraveled.

But I swear to you here and now, you'll never be alone.

I will sit and show you the calm after the storm.

The Elites By Me

Its 3am. 

The world is sleeping. Except for the chosen ones.

I call them The Elites.

Zip. Pop. Click. Beep. Poke. Beep.

Count down begins. Feels like an  eternity.

5...Thoughts of what will happen next circle my mind. A sleeping child pulls away, to cuddle his teddy bear.  A snoring  spouse can be heard through the thin walls. 

4...A restless brother  is tossing and turning, I try not to wake him. I glance at his fingers, already so blistered,  and wonder what another  20 years will bring to them.

3....I  wonder if the other Elites will sleep tonight. Will I? Will I need to coax  a sugary substance between his pursed lips? 

2......Or fumble in the dark, to  push buttons, to administer some life juice?

1.....Beeeeeep! Deep breath in.



I kiss his sweet face, whispering  I love him. Thinking to myself that he will never know how much.

I finally lay my head down on the pillow, readying  myself to do it again. 




The fear consumes you.

I can feel the tightness in my chest.

The sweat on the palm of my hands.

Thoughts racing though my mind at a lightening speed.

I check. I check. I check again.

Closing my eyes but never truly falling into slumber. 

Too scared of what could be.

I cant wait till morning when I can see his face smiling at me again.

Every night. 

Every morning.

I say a prayer.

I thank GOD.

Tonight I ask him to watch over those lost.

To comfort the grieving parents.

To find us a cure. 

In My House

In my house the "medicine" that could save you, could kill you. 

In my house juice box saves lives. 

In my house parents never sleep. 

In my house our days are measured in numbers. 

In my house my child must be an adult. 

In my house we dread bedtime. 

In my house blood is shed every day. 

In my house this is the norm.

Type 1 lives in my house

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