When Justice first started pumping his biggest issue with wearing the pump was where to put it. He felt awkard and didnt like having to unclip to use the restroom or what not. He wanted something cool and stylish. I wanted something that would also hold a meter and fast acting sugar for lows, so that he could treat immediately.

Thats when Reyna and Laura told me about the AMAZING and ONE OF A KIND.. TUMMIETOTE from TallyGear.
Justice fell in love instantly, as did I!

Tallygear was started by Donna and inspired by her beautiful daughter, Tally, also a type 1.

Tallygear has become a staple for us in our pumping life. Take a look at all the amazing options for where to wear the pump!!

*Tallygear has also created awesome medical alert wristbands! Can be used for any medical condition or for small child in case they are lost. 

* right now there is no G4 cover available, only the leather case for belt. Donna has made a fabulous case that can be looped on belt, belt loop, necklace or put right in tummietote.



So if you are having trouble finding a comfortable way for yourself or your lil pumper to wear their pump and or CGM, or you want something fun...head on over there now!

Tell em Justice sent ya!

Justice's review on Tallygear products:

"The reason why I like Tallygear, is that they hold my pump/Dexcom so they don't fall down. And Tummietote has more pockets, so I can have a meter in it, or stuff for when Im low".

" I think the reason why I like the look is because it goes with my personality and my type of thing that I would wear. It tells people what I am like".

Justice Type 1. Animas Ping and Dexcom user.

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